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To: Owners of social forums that have alot of involvement from teens...

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  • To: Owners of social forums that have alot of involvement from teens...

    ...discussing matters of love, relationship, companionship, their lifestyle in terms of love and relationship.

    I am doing a research paper on "Teen Companionship: How it affects their lifestyle" and would like to have a survey be done by your members, and also interview you (the admin/webmasters).

    This topic is about teens (13-18) and their relationship issues (crush, dating, sex) where their lifestyle has drastically been altered do to negative, positive and other impacts from their relationships.
    For example:
    A teen boy has a crush on a girl, girl doesn't like him, boy is sad - does not excercise, emotional eating, sits around, progress in school lacks.
    By doing this research I want to highlight the lifestyle changes that go along with the pros, cons of teen companionship.

    I have yet to formulate a proper thesis - it is just a topic that I am going to be doing a research paper on for Sociology (Focusing on Families in Diverse Societies) class.

    Please PM for more info. Thanks again!

    If you decide to participate, with your consent your website will be documented and made available in a public report.
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    I co-run a teen board with a friend. We're willing to post the survey questions on our forum and we'll tell our members they are free to PM us their answers.

    However, what user answered what question would remain anonymous.


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      I'd post the survey on my forum. Just one note, though, you may want to make the questions gender unspecific so our gay and lesbian members can fully answer the survey (just going by your example question).
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        Ill be willing to do it on our forums. PM me
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          My site, RuNaked would love to participate. We have a wide range of people and most from 15-19.


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            Originally posted by Arunan
            I need to know what the status is. I am still looking for more sites to participate.
            I do have several issues on forum but i do not know which are the ones u need.
            how abt this, u tk some time browse thru
            tk a look and if u need anything there. just pm me here most likely will be more than willing to help u on anything. thanks.


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              I run a website with teens on it 13-18. I'd love to take part in the survey . Please PM me the info.

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                Originally posted by Arunan
                Thank. Later this week you will get all the information!

                Thanks again.
                This is quite interesting; I am interested in the outcome Good luck with this project.


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                  wow. sounds a great deal.