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  • Your forums first month

    My forum is one month today, and im pretty satisfied with the number of signups and posts.

    Threads: 474
    Posts: 6,213
    Members: 313

    How does this compare to your first month ? is it any good ?

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    that's not bad...might wasn't that good.

    after 6 month.

    Threads: 8,915, Posts: 57,729, Members: 3,560
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      After 2 years

      Members: 548
      Threads: 1,921
      Posts: 24,315

      But it may have something to do with the site using UBB Classic for the past 2 years. I have over 100 new registrations since the switch to VB just about a month ago.
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        That's pretty good stats. I'm assuming most of those 300 members are active as you have lots of posts too. The challenge is to keep them active and wanting to stay on your site
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          Well, after 2 1/2 years, I have a whopping Threads: 357, Posts: 889, Members: 109

          It was fairley active about a year ago untill I announced that I was going to probably close the forum because I wasn't interested much anymore. When it came down to it, I couldn't close it. Now I have people joining but they just join to grab content then leave. It began as a classic rock forum then I changed it to a U2 fan forum in November. Maybe I'll change it back to classic rock sometime.


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            I'm pleased with my 1st two years;

            Threads: 12,135, Posts: 226,296, Members: 4,082
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              five months i believe can't remember o_O

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                Since december 7th:
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                  2 weeks...not looking pretty.

                  Threads: 48, Posts: 210, Members: 16

                  What did you find is the best way to get the word out?


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                    Originally posted by MHS_admin
                    2 weeks...not looking pretty.

                    Threads: 48, Posts: 210, Members: 16

                    What did you find is the best way to get the word out?
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                      Well, I'm just about to purchase it so, yeah.


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                        Originally posted by MHS_admin
                        What did you find is the best way to get the word out?
                        Well, it was quite easy here, my site is for a mmorpg i have been playing for 2 years, at grand opening i simply went to the official IRC channel for the game and announced it, 46 posting members within a couple of hours

                        2 Weeks later the community representive for the developers of the game signed up and got his own private forum for official announcements, he then posted about my forum on their official site for the game, a couple of hundred more members within a week that way.

                        Then "mouth to ear" method from the other players which is still going.

                        From i started this thread 5 days till now there has been another 1000 posts, currently at 7238 posts

                        Not something you can do with any forum ofcourse.


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                          Threads: 11,393, Posts: 133,203, Members: 60,904
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                            We're a chatty bunch of women.

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                            Since February 12, 2005.


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                              Threads: 8,576, Posts: 98,725, Members: 1,588

                              The website has been in existence for nearly five years now and still has a lively and loyal gaming community. Mainly because of the MP aspect and it's Viking theme. People still make mods, maps and all for it. It got good reviews in the PC gaming mags and, best of all, by word of mouth while in development and after it's late 2000 release. It could have had a larger community count if we allowed more Hotmail and Yahoo accounts though.

                              Every computer game forum draws it's fair share of trolls and "kiddies" who spam the boards, flame and threaten to do something "nasty" (or did) We admins just got tired of this and so did the community. So the main Admin/owner banned the two addresses for a couple of years. Finally lifted the ban early last year. To secure the forums better, we both began manually validating all new registerees for the last three.

                              Sometimes, as admin, you have to walk a fine line between quality and quantity with getting people to find the site and register. I found the original site because of my interest in Vikings and any computer games dealing with this theme back in Feb 2000. Later I was asked to help co admin the site by the owner. Had no idea what I was getting into by agreeing to help. Oh, I had been gaming for some time and been on other game forums, both good and bad. Rather different when you are doing the "overseeing" though.

                              I am in my early 50s and far older than most of the people there. Learned alot more about computers and gaming from the community. Great bunch there but also found myself embroiled with some jerks too. You find yourself being a friend, parent, buddy, psychologist, mediator/arbitrator too. That is when you are not gleefully hacking, bashing and slashing them in the MP servers...or getting the same done to you. Payback is fun, you know.

                              Being the all powerful, beautiful but frightful Goddess who gives rewards or punishments.... kind of reminds me of Galadriel's brief transformation when confronted with temptation with the One RING of Power.

                              Admins can go through similar temptations too.

                              The site recently had an overhaul by it's new host's webtechs. Since upgrading to vB 3.05, after the previous vB 2 series had crashed last month, we have been getting a small but steady stream of newcomers. Word of mouth is still one of the best modes of advertising.
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