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What would you want in a blog system?

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  • What would you want in a blog system?

    Myself and my co-administrator are currently developing a blogging system that will cater to our users but anyone can sign up for without signing up for the site.

    Anyway, I was simply curious to see what sort of things you would like in a blog system.

    Current Feature List:
    • Ability to post, edit, and delete entries (title and post).
    • Full permission system: anyone at all, or only people on your friends list.
    • You can select your own style from our default ones (and specify the fonts and font colors), select one from our user-submitted style section, or you can design your own from scratch.
    • You may have your own "links" page (named whatever you please).
    • You may have your own "about" page (named whatever you please).
    • You can modify the number of entries that appear on the index, the number of recent entry titles that appear on the index.
    • You can specify whether or not an entry can have comments made on it or not.
    • You can specify whether you want a guestbook or not (good if you have a friends only blog).
    • You can define the title of the page that appears in title tags.
    • Ability to change any phrase on the system at all ("Comment" to "Notes", etc.).

    If you have a question about the above or have something to add, please tell me .


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    must be free and no premium edition just one version and it should be free I hate it that Xanga makes you pay for better features lol

    also if this is a d/l it and install it on your on server make it vBulletin compatable so users do not have to sign up twice MacBook Pro 15.4" Core2Duo 2.33GHz.


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      vBlogs - needs customizeability that end-users can do. It needs to be customizeable and allow end-users to give their own feeling.
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        Yes, it's going to be 100% free. No restrictions; just free.

        Once we launch it (within the next month for sure) it will appear only as a hosted solution. However, we plan to have full-scalability: you will be able to choose a default style and change the fonts/colors of that default style, you will be able to choose another style a user has submitted, or create your own.

        We'll provide a list of templates and the templates those variables contain as well as a description so that users will have little problem creating their own style (unless, of course, they do not know HTML/CSS).

        Once we have finished writing our hosted solution, it is quite possible we will write a vBulletin-integrated version and/or a downloadable version you may install on your own server.


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          WYSIWYG!!! gotta have that! lol
 MacBook Pro 15.4" Core2Duo 2.33GHz.


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            Man that'd be a beast.


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              Honestly I prefer Drupal for a blogger. If you do create one, check out Drupal's user/group permission capabilities for ideas towards a powerful framework.


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                yeah check out other blogging systems and see what they got and add their features...
       MacBook Pro 15.4" Core2Duo 2.33GHz.


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                  picture uploading included (from your pc) and i will definately use it.


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                    We're definitely going to have an avatar feature, I'll see into adding a small gallery.


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                      Ability to creat categories and subcategories
                      Ability to chose wich categories listed on your main page
                      Ability to make sticky entry on the main page
                      A merquee item that is used to display entries from a gategory


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                        Oh, wow. Those are definitely great ideas.

                        *adds to list*

                        Thanks a bunch Remi!


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                          A generator that enables the users to create html-code (or js-code) that displays certain things like 'last 5 comments' on an external webpage just like vB does (only better ).
                          That's the end of that!


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                            I made a blogging site a little over a year and a half ago, and one of my biggest problems was the ease of use. So, the key was to have it target two different types of audiences. An advanced user, in which you allow him/her to completely control the templates of their blog (a lot of other blogging sites I see have their own propietary system, in which you need to override certain things, or something of that nature). And then have it target other, not so HTML/CSS literate, audiences.

                            It seems as though you have that down (you want to be able to provide the user with templates, and also allow them to change the colors). I believe it would be wise to stick strictly with HTML/CSS templates, and not go with a propietary system... It seems as though you're doing this already, so that's good.

                            There is also another, maybe more trivial, point... Which is, how will your users access their blogs?


                            Hopefully you are familiar with the apache module mod_rewrite... Because it isn't a good idea to physically create folders. I don't know how far you are with the design and structure of your project, but mod_rewrite is the best way to go. If you're on a linux server, and you physically create the directories, that also means that someone's blog name will be case-sensitive... If you use mod_rewrite, it won't need to be case-sensitive, even if you're on a linux server.

                            I also found that my members seemed to like having a way to rank their blogs against others. My system keeps a running tab of hits, and unique visit to any given blog, and ranks them on their unique visits.

                            Also, there are a lot of people who don't know HTML/CSS, and nor do they know that it exists. So I also found it helpful to allow them to be able to chose their blog alignment (entries aligned to left, center, or right). Another very common "how-to" is implementing a background image. I would advise that you come up with an easy way of doing this... Or at least allow the CSS for background images to be implemented in the colors section.

                            My blogging system also allows you to create different sets of styles, which you can then select to bind to a certain group (friends, allow list, guests, yourself, everyone else). I have found that this may be a little too advanced for most users, as it is relatively complex... However, the few that understand it really love it. (If you allow your users to use a php_include template (similar to the one found in vBulletin), you can set it up so that you can change the templates and colors for each section of your blog (friends, comments, etc)). Obviously, you'll have to strip the php template of certain functions that you don't want the user to be able to run.

                            I do also have a guestbook feature for each user as well... And I have found that it doesn't seem to be used much.

                            I think that your main concern is ease of use, as well as easibility of powerful customization.

                            Good luck!


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                              im interested

                              Do you have a date?
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