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phpbb hacked ????

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    that sucks.. hopefully the hackers only replaced the index page.
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      The site is completely down now. And as others have said, it's definitely NOT funny if they were hacked. They do not deserve that.
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        lol I know... Im still a little mad at them for not making their software secure... (my whole server got hacked, every php and html file hacked due to the stupid security flaw.) lol MacBook Pro 15.4" Core2Duo 2.33GHz.


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          No one deserves to be hacked.

          I recently found that my website was hacked, and there was a file named index.htm in my main directory. Though no one saw the page, as I had an index.php page there as well, it linked to, which isn't even available.

          My site is also for website hosting.

          Server security has been fixed and now no one can get in.

          In a way, it helped me, because I then knew I needed to improve the security on my server...

          I wish the best of luck to phpBB in getting their site back up again. Especially because I use their software (since I don't have a bundle of money to buy vBulletin).


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            I don't think phpbb deserves to be hacked.

            Originally posted by H75
            phpbb hacked or is this a Joke ??
            I've seen this group before. I can translate part of it:

            Por Um Mundo Melhor
            For a better world

            Se pudéssemos ter consciência do quanto nossa vida é efêmera, talvez
            If we could understand just how ephemeral our lives are, maybe

            pensássemos duas vezes antes de jogar fora às oportunidades, que temos
            we would think twice before we pass up opportunities, that we have

            de ser felizes e fazer os outros felizes.Muitas flores são colhidas cedo
            to be happy and make others happy. Flowers are often picked too early.

            demais, Algumas mesmo ainda em botão.Há sementes que nunca brotam e
            There are seeds that never sprout

            há aquelas flores que vivem a vida inteira, até que pétala por pétala
            and flowers that live their entire lives peacefully,

            tranqüilas, vividas, se entregam ao vento.Mas a gente não sabe
            but succumb to the wind. We cannot

            adivinhar.Agente não sabe por quanto tempo estará enfeitando esse éden,
            predict. We cannot know for how long we will live in this Eden

            e tampouco aquelas flores que foram plantadas ao nosso redor.
            nor the flowers all around us.

            That's the general gist of it.


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              Here's a translation that I just made of what it says (I speak Portuguese)...

              If we were conscious of how short our lives are, maybe we would think twice before throwing away opportunities, that we have to be happy and make others happy. Many flowers are harvested too early, some still while buds. There are some seeds that never sprout and there are those flowers that live a whole life, until petal by petal, in tranquility, alive, they release themselves to the wind. But we don't know how to guess. We don't know for how long we will be decorating this eden, and neither do the flowers that have been planted around us.

              And we're careless. We take little care of ourselves, of others. We make ourselves sad over little things and waste precious minutes and hours.

              We lose days, sometimes years. We are silent when we should talk, talk too much when we should stay in silence.

              We don't give a hand no matter how much our soul asks, because something in us forbids this proximity. We don't give a loving kiss "because we're not used to this," and we don't say we love because we assume the other automatically knows what we feel.

              And the night passes and the day comes, the sun rises and sets and we stay the same, closed in us. We complain that we don't have, or think that we don't have enough, we take from others, from life, from ourselves, we consume. We get used to comparing our life to those who have more than us.

              And if we experimented with comparing to those who possess less?

              That would make a big difference!

              And time passes...

              We pass by life, we don't live. We survive, because we don't know how to do anything else until, unexpectedly, we wake up and look back. And then we ask: what now?

              Now, today, there's still time to rebuild something, to give a hand to a friend, to say a caring word, to thank for what we have.

              One is never too old or too young to love, to say a gentle word or make a kind gesture. Don't look back. What has passed, has passed.

              What we lost, we lost.

              Look forward!

              There is still time to appreciate the flowers that are still whole around us. There's still time to go back to God and thank for life, that even though is so short, is still with us.


              Don't lose it anymore!


              I always like getting some translating practice -- I don't want to lose my Portuguese due to lack of practice. Anyway, there it is translated in his writing style for those of you interested.
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                Originally posted by JPT62089
                lol I know... Im still a little mad at them for not making their software secure... (my whole server got hacked, every php and html file hacked due to the stupid security flaw.) lol
                That's also your own fault for not patching your version quickly enough.


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                  Originally posted by Andrew111888
                  That's also your own fault for not patching your version quickly enough.
                  If he was using a shared hosting plan, then simply one client on the machine could have compromised his site as well.


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                    They dont deserver this, there a great group and community.

                    Although the message portrayed has meaning they could of done it another way than hack a popular site.


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                      Originally posted by Chroder
                      If he was using a shared hosting plan, then simply one client on the machine could have compromised his site as well.
                      Not if he had chmod'ed his files correctly, per Kier's announcement.
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                        Not all files can be chmod'ed to 644 and remain functional


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                          Some say the server got hacked because of a security flaw in AWstats
                          That's the end of that!


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                            If you are reading this page our main site is currently offline for maintenance, sorry about that. We expect to be back online within 24 to 48 hours. Till then you may continue to download phpBB, localisations and convertors via our project page on sourceforce:


                            Our phpBB 2.2 development board remains operational at:


                            So why not use this opportunity to see the future of phpBB.

                            For urgent support issues our IRC channel, #phpbb is still available on (or

                            Thanks, phpBB Group
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                              apparently they didnt have any backups

                              I wonder when they will be back up...
                     MacBook Pro 15.4" Core2Duo 2.33GHz.


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                                Even if you have a backup .. it takes time to restore properly, check & update security and apply preventative meassures. And besides that, it takes time to properly analyse the attack & archive it so you can properly report the unauthorized access to the authoraties.

                                According to Vic from support.phpBB their server isn't compromised.

                                <Vic> hello floris
                                WHOIS| Vic ([email protected]) (identified user) ircname : Pythago

                                <floris> I just read on our forum that your site was compromised.
                                <floris> Sorry to hear that.
                                <Vic> our site was not compromised
                                <floris> Well, defaced then.
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