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    Unless you happen to work for the disaster relief services or reside on their executive finance team I highly doubt you have any clue as to how much money they have or how much is enough. It is certainly possible that such a scenario could occur but highly unlikely. On a basic level you have thousands and thousands of children without parents in countries that are almost all classified as "third world", paying for them to have foster care until they become adults (regardless of what age you set as adult) is right there millions upon millions of dollars. Next you have enormous costs for providing shelter, food and potable water to millions of people across dozens of countries both small and large. This effort has to continue on every day until the basic utilities and shelter can be restored for millions of people. After you fix those small issues you have to decide how much rebuilding is done... do you stop when people can get water from a pipe again? Do you assist in rebuilding homes or public structures when the government can't? Do you provide social services to help people into the future? The fact that this didn't happen to major urban areas is only pure luck. The majority of tsunamis hit other coasts with far more people... if it was your country what would be enough?

    Even if you assume the money collected is enough to cover all this you have only fixed one problem. There are far more issues in the world and last time I checked, organizations like the redcross weren't founded the day after the tsunami and certainly have more issues to worry about then just one catastrophic disaster. If you feel you have donated all you can then good for you, you've done your part and probably more. However there are always issues that could use money and for the most part, it is raised with donations rather then state funding. If you believe the government of any country is handed blank checks then you should avoid donating to organizations who you feel would partake in such actions. That's why so much effort goes into providing a list of reputable organizations and that's why links like the one on vbulletin's site go to more than one such place. Still, if you don't trust the system, ignore the message and move on -- no matter what your own personal beliefs may be it is impossible to say more donations are not needed for this event or all the other challenges facing relief organizations in the world.

    Remember, the more money they get the more rebuilding can happen and there is never "enough" help either monetary or from volunteers. If there was you wouldn’t see children hungry anywhere in the world and no matter what you believe, you really can’t blame a hungry kid for not having any food.

    This message was brought to you by a registered Republican, there’s another surprise for ya!
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      what he said LOL

      well said Ted S MacBook Pro 15.4" Core2Duo 2.33GHz.


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        I think the point pie is making is that the DEC have officially announced they are dying down their marketing campaign for donations, hence perhaps it's time to die down the whole "Lets put this in our footer on every site" campaign
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          Dean C got me exactly


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