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  • Have you ever....

    Have you ever been offered a position with a company, and find out a month later, that they filled the position with someone else?

    Right before Christmas, I was in contact with a well known company. I originally asked them if they had a tech position available, and a couple days later, they called me and offered me a position in management instead.

    Since I had no way to actually drive there (3 hour drive), they offered to meet me half way, and that it would be sometime in January.

    I tried several times to contact them in January, with no avail (both via phone and email). So I decided to contact them via PM about a week and a half ago, and they PMed me back that night and told me that it would have to be in February as they were going to be in the area - we could meet up then.

    Well I called them via their company number yesterday, and they weren't there, so I asked one of the sales girls to have them call me. They didn't... So I tried back today, they weren't there, but instead I got the girl that I talked to yesterday, and they told her, that, "We already filled that position 2 weeks ago." Me: "Why didn't they tell me, instead of leading me on..." Her: "He emailed you a couple weeks ago..." Me: "I never received an email..."

    If you offered a job to someone, and planned on meeting them in person before you decided... but then you decided against hiring them (for whatever reason), wouldn't you have the decency to give them a call and talk to them about it in person... rather than an email (that they might not get?).

    I was starting to look into moving there (looking for apartments/houses, etc)... My husband turned down a position promotion because he thought we might be moving in the months ahead.... (which resulted in a position promotion having to be turned down by someone slighly above him).

    This job would've helped my family's way of life... We wouldn't be living pay check to pay check. We wouldn't have had to worry about not having money to buy diapers when the baby ran out of them...

    I'm fumed

    What do you think?
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    I am dealing with the same issue, but on a much smaller scale. I was offered a computer lab position in which I would help users in the lab with basic questions and fill the printers with ink. The pay wasn't going to be great, but very understandable considering what the job entailed.

    The head guy then emailed me saying that there was web dev job that was opening because the current guy was graduating. He told me not to go through with the lab job and to sit tight on the web dev job. 2 months have gone by and I still sit job-less. If it wasn't for design jobs, I'd be starving.

    Lesson I learned was, never leap higher unless you can land back where you started.
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      I have had similar experiences.

      It seems like most all employers are horrible with communication when it comes to hiring and firing.


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        Originally posted by rockergrrl
        What do you think?
        I think every cloud has a silver lining, and you should thank your lucky stars you didn't get in with that company. Imagine how devastating it could've been if they screwed you over later, when you were personally and financially invested.

        You got to see their true colors without losing a lot.

        Move on. I have had this happen several times and I count it as a blessing.

        Take care.


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          Any company who lacks the human resources capacity to inform a potential employee that the job they have been offered has been filled, I certainly would not want to work for
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            I had a job lined up at a local isp not to long ago, it was tech support and it did'nt pay much but it was more then the $5.75 an hour I make now. Anyway I had the job 'for sure' because I knew someone in upper management, he told me to show up the next monday to start work.

            I showed up, they never heard of me. I asked if they would run it by my friend, they told me he was fired the week before and did'nt mention me before he was let go


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