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  • Marble
    New Member
    • Jun 2004
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    Integrate site with vBulletin...

    I am working with this client who has a vBulletin board and I am planning on merging it with the site we are developing... I wanted to know a few things from any others out there who may have done this before...

    My main concern is updating security patches... Does Jelsoft list detailed code changes so I could just copy and paste over pages that need it, rather than update the entire tree? (even if this is 40 files I am ok with this...)

    How successful have others been with this?


  • conqsoft
    Senior Member
    • Jul 2003
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    • 3.6.x

    Updates usually include a list of the files that have changed. You can then use a file comparison tool to see exactly what has changed in each.
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