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Help! Irrelevant Ads from Google AdSense

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  • Help! Irrelevant Ads from Google AdSense

    My site is getting completely irrelevant ads from AdSense, so I reported this to Google and got this response:

    Thank you for your email. I have reviewed your site, and it appears that
    we have been unable to index your site's pages for content because your
    pages make multiple requests for visitors to accept cookies in order to
    view the pages. Unfortunately, our crawlers are unable to accept cookies
    and have difficulty indexing your pages.

    If you wish to modify your site to allow our crawlers access to your pages
    without setting a cookies, you may find the following information useful.
    User agents starting with 'Mediapartners-Google' are used by our crawlers
    when indexing content for Google AdSense. Requests from our content
    crawlers can come from any of the IP addresses in the following range: -

    Please feel free to reply to this email if you have additional questions
    or concerns.


    The Google AdSense Team
    Not exactly sure what to do...anyone???

    (I'm running vB 3.03)

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    Allow guests read access. Or ask for a hack that will enable Google to spider your threads on .


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      Guests have read access already.

      I've searched for help on this but I can't find a clear answer...I know there are many vb customers running AdSense on their boards, and no were did I find them mention the need for a hack for this.

      Can anyone else help?


      • #4 has a few google hacks, try one of them.


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          I only see google hacks for version 2.x. Can you pass us a link?


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            Be sure you have Google listed as a Spider in your AdminCP. Spiders should not require a cookie to be set.


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              Originally posted by hankster
              Be sure you have Google listed as a Spider in your AdminCP. Spiders should not require a cookie to be set.
              Under the Who's Online > Spider Identification Strings? Yeah, Google is in there, and I added "mediapartners-google" in there as well.


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                Yeah I am getting these too

                The irrelevant ads look crapy for my core audience..

                Any more tech info I can give my web tech the better!

                We are on V2 soon upgrading to V3

                Any diff?

                Are there features on V3 that assist Google to read the pages better?

                Does the spider or whatever it is cause my page view stats to go up falcely?

                I proudly show 1.2 million views per month to potential advertisers but one asked me "how do you know it's not 'bots' that built that figure up?"

                My stats were from Urchin

                We are 2 days into starting Google, do you think they will get better?

                We have a ton of ads that say START YOUR OWN BULETIN BOARD!!!


                Thank in advance for helping a noob!


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                  Originally posted by TheDutch
                  I only see google hacks for version 2.x. Can you pass us a link?
                  I concur...the only hacks I see there are for 2.x...and for the most part they deal with urls & session hashes...which from my understanding were taken care of in vb3.

                  Any other suggestions?


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                    search over at for mod_rewrite hack, this will allow google to see static html pages with your thread title keywords in the URL so this SHOULD help with rankings and targetting. SHOULD in caps there as I have only just started using this the other day, but google is on my boards today heavy so give it a few days. This hack is for v3.


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