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  • A suggestion for everyone

    For those of you who use a graphical editor for planning the layout of your templates, heed this warning: DO NOT USE HOME SITE! It inserts its own values for things like "firstaltcolor", and it will mess up all of your form values, like $username, etc. Just a word to the wise...

    Dreamweaver works beautifully...

    [Edited by JimF on 06-16-2000 at 11:57 PM]
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    Jim can you expand on this a little... I use HomeSite a *lot* and I haven't run into a problem yet. This must be a problem only in design mode? I never use that part of HomeSite, I always use Dreamweaver for layout and then HomeSite for tweaking and validating the HTML.

    Thanks for the heads-up I get really nasty when any program messes with my HTML code!!!
    Larry "NgtCrwlr" Mingus | - Building a Digital Photography Community


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      also, what version of homesite do you have? 4 has some php support.


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        Dreamweaver vs. Homesite

        NgtCrwlr - why do you use both Dreamweaver and Homesite? I use Dreamweaver for GUI and UltraEdit for serious .html work. I'm curious as to the benefits of Homesite. Thanks!


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          Search and Replace!

          I'm an avid user of UltraEdit also, however, HomeSite kicks UE to the curb when it comes to massive search/replace jobs. Plus, I love the integration of CSE HTML Validator in HomeSite. I'm a nut case when it comes to validated HTML and the way CSE integrates with HomeSite is *sweet*.

          I would be lost without any of the three, I depend on them all.

          I did verify what Jim mentioned about HomeSite messing up template variables. It only happens in *Design* mode. Whew!

          UserName - what ver of DW are you running? I'm still using v2.01 It works, I know it's quirks well, and I'm chicken to upgrade to v3.0
          Larry "NgtCrwlr" Mingus
 | - Building a Digital Photography Community


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            Dreamweaver 3 rocks... I would definitely recommend the upgrade.
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              I agree with the comment RE: Homesite and the design editor, hence when ever I install Homesite, I remove the 'design' tab, it sucks big style.

              DW has always been - for layouts - superb, If I need to mock up a template, I'll start it in DW (DW3 preferably) then when I've finished, open it in homesite and get rid of the extra tags DW creates, flicking between the two is also a breeze.
              When I'm done, I use HS (4.5) to cut the template up and do the PHP

              BTW has anyone installed the PHP tag insight for Homesite?
              You get the equivilant of the PHP manual built in to your editor



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