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    Originally posted by MrNase
    There were some classics on German TV like Sissi (does anyone know her? ) or Indiana Jones, some movies with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, Home Alone (and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York) various forms of the Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens (one with dogs - the funniest one ).

    I watched the Simpsons Season 1-4 which I got on DVD.
    Each year my christmas is ruined when I see sissi on tv! Thankfully I didn't watch much tv to run into it. YAY!

    I did miss I. Jones, which is a shame. I wanted to view those 4 in anticipation to #5 which is set into production. (or soon to be)

    I did watch both H.alone 1 & 2 The guy who gets the iron in his face .. magic!

    You got the 4 seasons on dvd? Cool! season 05 is out or out soon.. I think.
    Maybe next year you can get 5/6/7 & 8

    Originally posted by Reeve of Shinra
    I watched Ever After (a cinderella story with Drew Barrymore), First Knight (a King Arthur movie with Richard Gere and Sean Connory) and I flipped back and forth between Scent of a Woman and the 3 Musketeers.

    Last year, I watched Love Actually. Its a great holiday love story type of film which was also funny. I would deffinitely recommend that too.
    Ever after? Never seen it!

    First knight is a nice movie, my wife and I watched that several times, I noticed it was on bcc 1 (iirc) but didn't want to see it again.

    Hard choice: scent of a woman or 3 musketeers .. not sure which one I'd rather watch

    Love actualyl is fun, but only to watch once or twice - and only on DVD


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      Ju-on, the original japanese version of The Grudge was my christmas movie this year, last year it was Donnie Darko.

      Comments on Ju-on, very creepy - but too short and the ending was rushed! Great special effects and creepy sounds too!


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        Let's see in the last week I have seen the following movies:

        Polar Express (Theater)
        Series of Unfortunate Events (Theater)
        The Terminal (Pay-Per-View)
        Stepford Wives (Pay-Per-View)
        Collateral (DVD)
        LOTR: ROTK Extended Edition (DVD)
        iRobot (DVD)
        A Knight's Tale (DVD)
        Miracle on 34th Street (Premium Television)
        Day after Tomorrow (Pay-Per-View)

        Still have Dawn of the Dead, King Arthur and Cold Mountain to watch on DVD.
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          Polar Express (Theater) <-- how did you like that?
          Series of Unfortunate Events (Theater) <-- I still have to see that one
          The Terminal (Pay-Per-View) <-- good one (bit long)
          Stepford Wives (Pay-Per-View)
          Collateral (DVD) <-- nice, but could be better
          LOTR: ROTK Extended Edition (DVD) <--- niiiiice
          iRobot (DVD) <-- nice
          A Knight's Tale (DVD) <-- ok movie
          Miracle on 34th Street (Premium Television) <-- oh, didn't see that for a while!
          Day after Tomorrow (Pay-Per-View) <-- just saw that in november, nice

          Still have Dawn of the Dead, King Arthur and Cold Mountain to watch on DVD.

          After watching dawn of the dead, go watch shawn of the dead a bit later its great. And not like scary move - rip .. its just a seperate movie with the dawn of the dead as theme.


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            Originally posted by Floris
            Polar Express (Theater) <-- how did you like that?
            It was pretty good. Tom Hanks did almost all the major characters though from the narrator to Santa Claus. But it went over pretty good. I had actually tried to talk the rest of the family into seeing "The Incredibles" but was outvoted 4-1. Probably go see "The Incredibles" weekend after next when I get visitation with my children again.

            I only watched "A Knight's Tale" because it was on some television channel last night and nothing else was on. Since I own the DVD, I popped it in and watched it again instead of watching the cut version with commercials.
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              The incredibles is great, the whole family will love it
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                I work at a video store so the latest movies I've see were:

                Little Black Book
                Shaun of the Dead
                Resident Evil: Apoc.

                I am hoping to hit the movies for Meet the Fockers and Fat Albert soon if I can get my girlfriend out of her house heh.


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                  Uhm, we didn't go see Little Black Book .. not sure if it was good. How did you like it? If it is good enough to view I will rent the DVD when possible.

                  Our local videostore had a discount offer, and I took it. I paid €50 to be put on my card, and they doubled that to €100. So I got €50 more then I paid for, to spend on renting or buying DVD's from their store in 2005 & 2006. So that is a nice offer.

                  I'll be spending some money on them in 2005 with renting a few DVDs every other week.


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