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What Did You Get For Christmas?

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  • tgillespie
    I new deck, Flow bindings, and boots.

    My girlfriend gave me a nice coat and the rest was money. I was expecting a new pair of boots and got outfitted with the whole thing instead.

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  • Reeve of Shinra
    I recieved
    - world of warcraft (my gift to myself )
    - neocontra for ps2
    - a shirt
    - some drawing supploes
    - a new drawing table with a chair.
    - A book which I probably wont read (christian martyrs over the centuries doesnt interest me)
    - a gift certificate to macy's.

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  • Acid Burn
    Fender Acoustic Guitar
    iRiver H120 Jukebox
    Godfather DVD collection
    Undertones: Teenage Kicks (DVD)
    Farenheit 9/11
    Neon Glow Wall Clock
    A Bushisms Poster

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  • Wayne Luke
    For the holidays I got the following gifts:

    XBOX Accessory kit with enhanced AV Cord, second controller, gameshark and other pieces.
    Fable (XBOX game) + the Strategy Guide
    Knights of the Old Republic (XBOX Game)
    Soul Caliber II (Playstation 2 Game)
    Wireless PS2 Controller
    The Hobbit (Animated DVD)
    Lord of the Rings (Animated DVD)
    Return of the King (Animated DVD)
    Lord of the Rings: Return of the King Collectors Edition
    $500 cash (from the inlaws)
    "The Last Juror" by John Grisham
    Half-Life 2 plus the strategy guide

    For my Birthday on the 14th, I got Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth.

    Plus we opened our gifts on Yule (December 21st) instead of Christmas Eve this year. This gave me time to play with my kids and their new gifts since they go to their mother's for Christmas day.

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  • Cary
    I only got coal

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  • Jake Bunce

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  • rockergrrl
    I didn't get anything.... my boys did... but I didn't...

    Doesn't really bother me none... Christmas isn't meant for adults... its meant for the kids...

    I didn't even get anything for myself - or my husband (can't afford to). But it doesn't bother either one of us.


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  • Mike Anime
    Originally posted by Jerry
    A day older
    lol happy bday

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  • Jerry
    A day older

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  • Floris
    Some cool stuff, but my best friend just gave me a water plant in a bottle with personal writing on it .. that was really cool.

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  • Mike Anime
    well i got to spend time with family some of whom i only see on holidays.

    my grandma (whom has cancer every time i see her is a guift to me)


    wal-mart guift card

    keyboard, 5button mouse, headset (tho not ones i like muchthey just clip over the ear), and a webcam these all came in a single box from iconcepts their pc chat studio


    a new uconn hat a shirt that reads "if idiots could fly this would be a @#$% airport" (note thats exactley whats written on the shirt and not me sneaking by the cuss filters)

    2 dvd-rom pc games

    TO THE PPL WHO GOT GROOMING STUFF its a hint take it.

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  • MrNase
    • The Simpsons Season 1-4 on DVD
    • Need for Speed: Unterground 2
    • Candy
    • Money
    • a vouche for gas
    • 2 pair of socks (my grandmother - as usual )
    • iPod mini
    • overweight from the tasty food (turkey and stuff like that)

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  • Chroder
    - The Ultimate Matrix collection
    - Candy and such
    - Cologne and aftershave etc.
    - Drivers license paid for on my b-day
    - $600 cash

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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest replied
    MGS3: snake eater
    A werid clock...its awesome, if I could find the d-cam I would upload a pic
    West coast choppers hat
    Head unit + amp + new speakers to replace the stock ones in my car + new sub + custom box

    Dad hooked me up with a new car stereo , best gift evar.

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  • Scott MacVicar
    2 pairs of jeans
    3 tops
    LOTR: ROTK Extended Edition
    A sporran (google it)
    New Razor
    Random Cosmetics

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