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What Did You Get For Christmas?

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  • What Did You Get For Christmas?

    So Far...

    1) Jamba Juice Card
    2) Time with Friends
    3) Nautica Jacket
    4) Hooded Nautica Jacket..

    (I seem to have a replaying theme....)
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  • #2
    - Bourne supremacy
    - New wall calendar
    - A few books
    - Two small shareware things
    - Garden State DVD I.O.U.

    And my favourite:
    - Herman-Miller Aeron chair
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    • #3
      - Bunch of DVD's
      - Godfather DVD collection
      - Xbox Live Starter Kit
      - New Cell Phone
      - Need for Speed Underground 2
      - 2 Wireless PS2 Controllers
      - Money
      - Clothes

      MGM out


      • #4
        - Flying lesson
        - 200gb WD HDD
        - Band of Brothers DVD box set
        - LOTR Triology + The Hobbit (books)
        - New razor
        - Aromatherapy burner + oils
        - Clothes
        - Aftershave
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        • #5
          Nothign yet, I'm leaving in about 30 min to open presents at my parents house


          • #6
            2 pairs of jeans
            3 tops
            LOTR: ROTK Extended Edition
            A sporran (google it)
            New Razor
            Random Cosmetics
            Scott MacVicar

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            • #7
              MGS3: snake eater
              A werid clock...its awesome, if I could find the d-cam I would upload a pic
              West coast choppers hat
              Head unit + amp + new speakers to replace the stock ones in my car + new sub + custom box

              Dad hooked me up with a new car stereo , best gift evar.


              • #8
                - The Ultimate Matrix collection
                - Candy and such
                - Cologne and aftershave etc.
                - Drivers license paid for on my b-day
                - $600 cash


                • #9
                  • The Simpsons Season 1-4 on DVD
                  • Need for Speed: Unterground 2
                  • Candy
                  • Money
                  • a vouche for gas
                  • 2 pair of socks (my grandmother - as usual )
                  • iPod mini
                  • overweight from the tasty food (turkey and stuff like that)
                  That's the end of that!


                  • #10
                    well i got to spend time with family some of whom i only see on holidays.

                    my grandma (whom has cancer every time i see her is a guift to me)


                    wal-mart guift card

                    keyboard, 5button mouse, headset (tho not ones i like muchthey just clip over the ear), and a webcam these all came in a single box from iconcepts their pc chat studio


                    a new uconn hat a shirt that reads "if idiots could fly this would be a @#$% airport" (note thats exactley whats written on the shirt and not me sneaking by the cuss filters)

                    2 dvd-rom pc games

                    TO THE PPL WHO GOT GROOMING STUFF its a hint take it.


                    • #11
                      Some cool stuff, but my best friend just gave me a water plant in a bottle with personal writing on it .. that was really cool.


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                        A day older
                        I wrote ImpEx.

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                          Originally posted by Jerry
                          A day older
                          lol happy bday


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                            I didn't get anything.... my boys did... but I didn't...

                            Doesn't really bother me none... Christmas isn't meant for adults... its meant for the kids...

                            I didn't even get anything for myself - or my husband (can't afford to). But it doesn't bother either one of us.



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