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    Okay, for a new site I'm going to have articles/entries and at the bottom of each article I want a user comment system. Now, I plan on getting the Expression Engine (, but I was wondering if it was possible to allow the users to only post comments on articles if they were registered at our vBulletin forums. I asked over at vBulletin and not many have replied. If people registered under different names everything could get confusing. Either that or I don't use a comments system...

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    The article registration and member system has to be integrated with vBulletin. Ask the support of that program if this is possible with their product. Personally, i'd use the permission system and a special forum on my board to do this. With a forced style on that forum you can have the first post differ from the comment posts, and the comment posts slimmed down to show up as comments rather then just posts. The permission system allows you to set it up that only users from group A can start new threads and the rest can only reply with comments. A great way to setup custom blogs, articles, news, etc. Then just syndicate this to a custom .html page or frontpage.php that you code yourself


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