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    oldengine, if you need help let me know, i have done both. Im checking out the Gallery, i might purchase looks very nice.......I HIGHLY recommend vBAdvanced, much better


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      PHP-Nuke-based portals like vBPortal tend to run a lot more queries. Just a consideration.
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        I would like to take this opportunity to correct some of the myths:

        vbportal 3 does not require you to hack or modify any vbulletin files.

        there is a very minor change to the database. vbportal adds 1 extra index to 2 tables. the index's added are to benefit vbportal querys.

        vbportal 3 for vbulletin 3 is not based on phpnuke or postnuke code, it is a complete rewrite.

        the number of querys in vbportal 3 is seriously reduced and compared to older versions of vbportal for vbulletin 2.x is like night and day, it leverages vbulletin's own power as much as possible.

        vbportal 3 is very simple to install
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          I'm waiting to see what Jelsoft product. [trying to surpress asking when it is due......]
          Mike Warner
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            Originally posted by Mike Warner
            I'm waiting to see what Jelsoft product. [trying to surpress asking when it is due......]
            I use vBadvanced. Very nice free software and much in the way of features and nice support site.
            I too would like to see a Jelsoft product with more of a content management system much the way xoops, phpnuke, etc do this.


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              Originally posted by MrNase
              I will never like portals but I would go for vBAdvanced from what I have heard about it
              For years now I've been waiting for someone to offer a portal that actually makes it easy to find the forums. Every time I end up on a portal site while looking for something I always groan because usually it means I spend at least 30 seconds trying to find a link to the board. Then I just leave. All those dozens of latest topics etc. people strew on their portal homepage are only useful to existing members, not potential ones.
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                I've been using the VB Portal system for years now, since the beta stages of 2.x. I just had my forums and VB Portal upgraded to version 3, and I could not be more pleased. I like the customization ability of the Portal, and how it best serves my needs. Bill (Wajones) does all of my database work, and his service is top-notch. I would not even consider anyone else, or any other system.

                My website is a full-time venture for me, so I do not take decisions on my database lightly. Although not 100% complete yet, you can have a look at my system here:

                Thank you Bill and the entire VB Portal team for a product that deserves so much more appreciation than it seems to get. VB Portal all the way for me, now and in the future.

                Scream And administrator


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                  I'd like to vote 'neither' but couldn't find the poll option


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                    i use...

                    I use VB Portal....They have a great product and their Tech Support is great (Deb) is worth their price all the way!!

                    Somethings i wish they would change to make it simpler to use but i am sure that will come in the next version...


                    if anyone wants to check it out....


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                      Originally posted by vbcore
                      So, Which portal do you like better?


                      And why?

                      VBadvanced isn't a portal and isn't a CMS

                      Come on People, there is an ocean of differences between them

                      People tend to select these powered up vB Homepage Editors like vBa because they are free where support isn't that fast as with paid/supported programs.

                      I also do think that it's stated several times before that vBP3 has nothing to do with phpNuke but still the same people refer to it

                      When does the bashing of vBPortal stops!!?? Even moderators/staff of vBulletin sites take part in this while they somehow need to praise such software because in the end it's all for the good of vBulletin.
                      KCi aka Rhyze


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                        I use vbPortal and have done for some time, now using vbPortal 3 as it installs without the need to edit "any" vBulletin files and if vBulletin is upgraded, because I did not edit any file to get the portal installed, I do not need to re-edit anything, Simpily the best

                        vbPortal has been around since the early days of vb2, but has just had a total code re-write in it's newest version vbPortal 3 for vBulletin 3.

                        I prefer to stick with the leading portal, not the ones that are trying to match and follow in vbPortal foot steps, if was the first and is No 1

                        In reference to a comment above.....
                        Should vBulletin Staff & Moderators be so judgemental on anything like this or should they rather be impartial as their positon can swing things either way, rather unfairly !!

                        BTW - I have tried all the available portals & frontends for vB and have made my comments "only" after knowing how each one works.
                        You got to try each one before you can pass judgement on any.... (Says an old wise man)


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                          Originally posted by thebigboss
                          You can't compare portal's templates alone

                 has the navbar above the columns with only two very minor template changes.
                          Yes but the columns are still bunched up.


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                            are you saying the width between the left, center and right column is too narrow for your likeing?
                            if so its an insignificant change to the .css. I wanted maximum content so set the width between the columns to 5px. I'm considering 800x600 visitors. Its also why many of my pages only have blocks toggled in the left column. I'm not restricted to the same blocks on every page, each page can have which ever blocks I decide.
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                              Originally posted by James Kojiro
                              Yes but the columns are still bunched up.
                              hehe which is why on my site I made the gap a smitch bigger.

                              I tried as big as the vBadvanced (which I used before) but, well, my members complained saying it looked to "homemadeish", whatever THAT means?

                              So I compromised and made it smaller, but left a big enough gap that they are definetly seperate.

                              I must say though, Not just from the admin point of view, but even my Members are happier with the vbPortal, compared to the vBadvanced.

                              From one member: "The old portal LOOKED temporary, this one is so clean and well laid out."


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                                Originally posted by Erwin
                                PHP-Nuke-based portals like vBPortal tend to run a lot more queries. Just a consideration.
                                VbPortal is not PHP-Nuke based, the core of 2.0 was not based on nuke, just the addons like links etc. However since 3.0.0 even the add-ons have been re-written and are not Nuke based. vbPortal 3.0.0. is in fact just as efficient as vbulletin itself since the coding is based on vBulletin example and not PHP-Nuke. The portal itself is also valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional


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