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Jelsoft missed the blog wave?

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    oh -- also... i'm with you on TikiWiki.

    i receive overwhelming requests from my 50,000 vbulletin users to build wiki's into the site.

    however, they wont be happy unless it is fluid transition between the wiki and the forum.


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      I know this is an old thread, but I did a search on trackbacks and this is what came up... and so here's my $0.02 worth.

      Forums will not replace blogs. Blogs are not going to disappear. There is a place for forums, a place for blogs and a place for a wiki-style CMS.

      Blogs are not necessarily about the individual, but they are a top-down tool. In my mind, they are a great way to communicate the Official Word to a group of readers. They can be great for news stories. (ex.

      Forums allow open exchange, and generally anyone can start a topic. Great for Q&A or other free-form discussions.

      Wikis give the group the ability to develop and edit site content. This is enormously powerful, leveraging the corporate intellect of your membership. On my BigBlueBall site I have a lot of content outside of the forums, but would love to be able to manage it wiki-style and let the members add to it.

      vBulletin has a great system for user management and security. I would LOVE to see Jelsoft create a system that builds on this strong core and allows both wiki and blog-style functionality. One user management system; many interaction options.
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        Originally posted by u2fan
        Don't get me wrong I like vbulletin for its purpose but it seems blogs have become the trend with MS, Google offering blogging pages.

        So is Jelsoft also releasing some blogging software?
        This is a reply to the first post. I've read the first two pages, haven't bothered reading the rest.

        I believe it will be a good choice for Jelsoft to keep a development blog, with weekly or bi-monthly updates. Things that can be discussed can be in-depth reasons for including/excluding a feature, or letting reads know of new and innovative ways which existing features could be used.

        I do not think this should be a personal blog at all. I don't want to know how much Scott ate for dinner or when Kier's new monitor is arriving. But I *do* want to know why specific aspects of vBulletin's framework function the way they do, or how the codebase may change in the future, or even a roadmap for the company and/or product.

        This doesn't even have to be open to comments/trackbacks either. In fact, I think it shouldn't. This can be a very effective way for Jelsoft to communicate to its more tech-savvy members about issues that would matter to them, and to resolve conflicts of opinion (such as members complaining about this feature not included, or whatever) through a calm and professional medium.


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            Originally posted by Jake Bunce
            It rhymes with "pog".

            FAD ALERT

            OOOO!!! Pogs..I loved those. still have them.


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              A development blog would be nice, but offering blog service will...wait a minute, vBlog, I like that...Hmmm...


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                I was thinking the same nane: vBlog: Your instant Blogging... something... I dunno. ;p
                Congratulations on the death of vBulletin, Internet Brands.


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                  Blogs can make $5k per month if your clether or lucky.


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                    Wow, how can they make that much?!


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                      If you write about something that interests alot of people, PGN, you will get alot of dedicated readers which will come back every day to read the latest posts and click on all your lovely ads But it's not just about getting lucky and picking the right topic, I believe it requires alot of talent as well. I've seen blogs packed with good content, but the blogger(s) completely lacked good writing skills and hence failed to grab the reader's attention.


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                        Originally posted by Zachery
                        I would like to know if jelsoft has plans to buy ms!
               thats.. kinda stupid..


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                          Originally posted by patriotcow
                          Blogs can make $5k per month if your clether or lucky.
                          Yes, but those are mass-market blogs. If somebody opens a (good) blog dedicated to forum developments, they'll get a lot of hits, sure. But it won't be anything like Gizmodo or Engadget's readership.

                          This is probably not something that Jelsoft will be able to do. The point of a blog in my context is so Jelsoft can leverage it to get in touch with its tech-savvy developers (who are often the decision-makers in the purchasing process when it comes website software), and therefore drive more sales and generate more conversions from that end. It's not about using the ad space on the blog to make money (in this case).


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