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URGENTLY need PC help

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  • URGENTLY need PC help

    ok, I have a PC, the one I'm currently on

    It has Win2k installed, and it runs perfectly fine

    I have just bought a new PC, but whenever Win2k tries to start on the same harddrive, it runs past the black startup screen, then when it gets to the next "Win2k is loading" screen, with the windows image, it gets half way through and blue screens saying


    or something to that extent

    When I try to format the harddrive, it says it is write-protected and won't let me do it

    What has happened?

    I can't understand why it works on one PC, but not the other, and why it will get partly through loading, then claim it's inaccessible

    Could it be any BIOS settings or anything?

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    Are there more than one hard drives? Because it could be a conflict between master/slave

    MGM out


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      Boot from Windows 2000 CD, go to recovery console and run scandisk (chkdsk /r).