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    It depends on the distribution.

    The bottom line is, if you are happy with Windows, stay with Windows unless you want to play around with Linux for some reason or another.


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      want to try linux?

      like squall said, it depends on the distro.. .so..

      Knoppix - good for testing out your hardware to see if most things are compatible. This distro runs from your CDROM and doesn't write to the hard disk at all. You then reboot and go back to Windows/installed operating system. Has KDE desktop and lots of applications preinstalled.

      Mandrake - Known as an easy distro to get up and running with plenty of eye candy and themes straight out of the box. Requires a slightly faster machine to run things at a nice speed, in my opinion.

      Fedora Core/Redhat
      - As one of the most popular distos of years, there are plenty of people who use Fedora for many uses ranging from desktop to server. A big name brand, with optional comercial support to help you.

      Suse - Featuring an easy to use installer called YAST - the Suse linux distros are certainly picking up lots of speed since Novell bought the company. They are very innovative in their products, trying to offer Linux based alternatives to popular proprietary solutions such as Microsoft Exchange Server in the form of Suse Open Exchange Server, which has now been released under the GPL. They also offer comerical support in a similar way to Redhat.

      Debian - Known for it's reliability and stability. Debian typically isn't a feature driven distro, aimed more towards the server markets where things are stable and proven, rather than cutting edge. Has a nice package manager called apt which makes it easier to install new applications and dependencies.

      Gentoo - My personal favourite. Has a superb software/application system similar to FreeBSD Ports. The main difference with Gentoo compared to most other distros is that you compile everything from the original source code, rather that just installing the a binary from RPM such as Fedora and Mandrake etc. Also one of the best support communities I have seen, I believe they run one of the biggest phpBB boards too.

      Slackware - Known to be the hardcore linux disto of choice, perhaps prior to Gentoo. Slackware is built to be one of the most "UNIX Like" distros out there, where "Simplicity and stability are paramount", to quote their site. I can't say I have ever used it, but many of my friends run it and are quite happy.

      The main thing you have with Linux - is choice. There are hundreds more distros out there for you to download and evaluate.

      And if you really do not want to leave your Windows environment, you can always run VMWare Workstation and test out Linux distro right there on your desktop.

      You may find Linux doesn't meet your requirements - not today anyway. The millions of developers working on Linux itself, and the associated open source applications move so fast that you may revist a project a few weeks later to find it has had a spurt of growth, and now does what you need it too. Keep an eye on projects such as this with Freshmeat to see new releases of all sorts of software, including GPL style licences.
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        Originally posted by Dave#
        eh? You lost me sorry.
        Zak was talking about running photoshop on linux, I said he could either use gimp on linux or photoshop on linux via wine.
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          Originally posted by squall14716
          The bottom line is, if you are happy with Windows, stay with Windows unless you want to play around with Linux for some reason or another.
          I disagree. I believe its all a case of what the job in hand is.

          Should I commute 50 miles a day to work on a push bike ? I might be happy with it though it would make more sense to do it on a motorbike.

          Its only good practice to evaluate all the options before making a decision.
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            suppose to have great permission system and no viruses because of that.

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