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    I've been asked to price for a complete redesign of a website for a company.

    They basically want a total redesign, with all new pages. The possibility of a shopping cart and other bits n bobs.

    Thing is - all websites i've done before are for people i know (free), myself or ran for other reasons which haven't involved me getting paid.

    What's the going rates these days for website design?

    I've seen places advertising 3 page sites for £200 but that seems expensive imo.

    Any info appreciated
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    It depends on your standard of work and previous work. If you're someone like ceonex you can charge enterprise prices (into three 0's easily), if you have little experience and are not top of your game then you're probably looking at a max of two 0's
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      For raw styles, I have seen contract prices ranging from $200 USD to $1000 USD.

      Your client wants a shopping cart and other bits n bobs. That would cost more.


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        I'd say i was midrange in the skills dept

        The reason i'm asking is - i've never had reason to charge before - but looking around at various development sites - the price variances are huge.

        The guy knows my work, as he is asking me through the UKs Minimotoclub i run.

        Cheers for your replies, and thanks in advance for any more
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          $50 * however many hours u think it wud take


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            The amount could very depending on how complex the site is. I did a few 5-7 page sites for about $1,000US. Sometimes you can barter too...I got a TV that way.

            Regarding scripts, the rate could be more depending how complex they are. I've installed an e-mail subscription service on one site and they paid $550, and another site I put up a mboard (vB of course) and a skin for $200. They bought the license and needed someone to install it for them.


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              Well asking price on any of my work is about $400 + tho ive been in the game for 3yrs and there isnt a lot I dont know about photoshop or creating sites.

              3 Pages with full content and gfx by me would be about $600

              Tho thats about 20 hours work, with full psd / support etc and coded , as in online and ready to go, not a psd template.

              its funny about 50% of web designers cant slice to save themselves


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                Iam charging 310 USD for a very simple website powered my PHP and MySQL. It features a very simple CMS and a 1 hour lesson in which I tell the customer how to you it.

                One of the larger websites I did was 3,102.19 USD. It is fully integrated into a complicated cgi-based CMS and I also told them how to use it properly. The whole project took half a year to finish
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                  You should have tacked another 0 onto that