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trying to understand webalizer..

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  • trying to understand webalizer..

    their help file says:

    "Hits represent the total number of requests made to the server during the given time period (month, day, hour etc..). "

    i am just trying to get a grip on what that means. If I get 280,000 "hits" per day what exactly does that mean? if each hit is a request then does that mean a page is served or accessed? or suppose I have a graphic on the homepage and that graphic is linked by url as the homepage loads does that graphic having to load up cause a "hit"? If I have a banner ad being served by phpadnew on my server, everytime an ad is served is that a "hit" on the server as well? thanks!

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    Well, as I understand it, you're trying to distinguish the difference between a hit and a pageview.

    A pageview represents each time the particular page was requested. If that particular page has, let's say, five images on it, then that pageview also means six hits - one for each image, and the page itself...

    I may be wrong of course, so I hope someone who knows more can also illuminate me if I am
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      Yeah, I think I'm all confused and am wondering if my "hits" are going through the roof just because of some hardcoded graphics or is it real activity. Sounds like page views is the best gauge? If I change all my images to a relative path instead of directory path i wonder if my "hits" will take a dive.


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        Well, here's a page that briefly explains the difference and significance of hits, pageviews and unique visitors:

        changing paths for images or other hotlinked materials that reside within the same server won't make a difference in hits... as far as I understand it, someone linking to your image from another site also constitutes a "hit", since a request is being made to your server where the image resides. Everytime something is called up from your site via a browser or spidering tool, it's a hit.

        So if you have ads hosted on your server, and is being served/shown on another site, it also counts as a hit... if the ad is an image that's being called via a php script on your server, it counts as at least TWO hits - one for the script and one for the image, unless the script has functions that call out to other scripts, in which case they will also be added to the "hits" count.

        Pageviews is a more reliable gauge of site activity than hits, and unique visitors is even more reliable than pageviews, if you're concerned with how many individual people visit the site daily, as opposed to how many pages are being viewed each day...
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