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    I just find it a lot faster to use tables, table-less designs just take ages to make

    My site still works in every browser I've downloaded though

    I think people get way too aroused over their site not using tables, it's hardly curing world hunger is it

    P.S. Daemon your forum is so incredibly difficult to read and make sense of, there's just bits all over the place, and then all the threads and posts are crammed into the end of a table
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      Originally posted by megahard
      table-less designs just take ages to make
      Only if you don't know how to do it. If you do, it's far faster. (Of course that depends on how complex you get, but I'm thinking a fairly complex layout....)
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        I think I will stick to tables


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          I actually found it EASIER to use no tables the first time around than I thought it was to use tables, and I've been using tables for over a year.


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            Originally posted by megahard
            I think people get way too aroused over their site not using tables, it's hardly curing world hunger is it
            You're forgetting about the growing audience that uses PDAs, cell phones, and even devices that read web pages to them.

            On smaller screens such as PDAs and Cell Phones, CSS designed sites are much more accessible.

            The more and more people that are converting to CSS layouts are only helping to progress further technologies. As if we stick with one thing forever, the demand for something more effective will lessen, just because "it works for me".

            I've been using CSS to design layouts for so long, that using tables for a layout would be more difficult for me. As when you start nesting 3, 4, or 5 tables, things get complicated and it makes a page much harder to update. Tables are also harder to manipulate exactly to your liking- compared to a CSS layout.

            And one final factor, tables are slower


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              Please tell me this old arguement isn't going to flare up again?
              Personally I prefer to build a page using a combination of both tables and CSS, the tables defining the main structure of the page and the CSS elements tweaking each individual part. CSS by itself just seems more difficult to keep control over, especially accross different browsers.

              If I have to write a page for viewing on a PDA I'll put a browser detect in my PHP.

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                Originally posted by Andrew111888
                Anyway, how important is XHTML/CSS validity to you?
                I don't lose sleep over it
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                  It is important enough to take interest in .. slowly updating old sites from html 3.2 to xhtml/css improves performance, and the total site view. It is important enough to keep an eye on, recently I created a site for a friend and it shows 99,5% the same in all browsers (top5, latest version) and that was quite amazing, especially since I didn't try that hard to be compliant.

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