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Dual booting and the 1024 cylinder limit?

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  • Dual booting and the 1024 cylinder limit?

    My new laptop (vaio VGN-S1XP) came with XP pro and I want to dual boot this with fedora.

    The trouble is that the space taken up by the pre-installed software makes partitioning difficult.

    The biggest items are:
    • hiberfil.sis - 512 MB
    • pagefile.sis - 768 MB
    • Program Files - 2.14 GB
    • WINDOWS - 3.2 GB

    I ntotal there is 7.34 GB pre-loaded.

    Even if I could squeeze fedora between that and the 1024 cylinder limit it would leave no room to add to the Program Files or WINDOWS folders.

    Is there any way I can tell XP to look for the Program Files folder, pagefile, and/or hiberfil on another partition?

    Also, I read the "older" BIOSes can't boot past 1024 cylinders.
    Does this mean that the limit no longer applies?

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    With new motherboards the LDA problem isn't a problem any longer.
    You can specify where to put pagefile by right clicking my computer and selecting properties.
    Click advanced tab > settings > advanced > virtual memory settings. You can change where the pagefile is located.
    You can install any programs to another partition. Programs already installed you'd have to edit the registry for each program to change where they get executed from.
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      So I really don't need to worry about the 1024 cylinder limit at all then?

      Does something like this look feasible?

      20GB - XP (NTFS)
      10GB - Linux (Ext2)
      1GB - Linux Swap (Linux Swap)
      10GB - Shared (FAT32)
      10GB - Stuff (NTFS)
      1GB - Scratch (NTFS)

      and would it all work with Bootmagic on the shared FAT32 partition?

      Gosh, I'm all questions tonight, aren't I?

      Look, there's another one

      Thanks again.
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