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i r got Star Ocean 3

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  • i r got Star Ocean 3

    woohoo after like 3 years its finaly out

    Pictures attached
    Game and Guide
    Game and guide thickness comparision
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    We need to get you a better digital camera. Whatever you're using needs to go. Bad.


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      Its just my webcam :P


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        Is it bad if I've never heard of Star Ocean?


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          Never heard of it, either.

          I just googled it up, as I read that thread. Looks like, that this is a roleplay game.. Am I wrong?


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            Yea its a role playing game, There are 2 before it, one for the SNES that never made it to the states for a few reasons (the snes in the US was not capable of playing the game while the super famicon was able to). Then Star Ocean: The Second Story, great game, very long to beat the game and do all the side quests, max level is 255 which is an intresting fact as most rpg's stop at somthing under 100.

            So this game has been pushed back 3 times, me and alot of my friends were not even expecting to see it come out. The US is getting the directors cut, which is awsome


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              Hmm, I've been a little interested in the star ocean games. Never got to play one yet though.

              RPGs are hard to squeeze into my schedule. You have to commit to an RPG, y'know?
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                Yea i know how that goes

                Ive got a buttload of gamed backed up...

                FF Tactics Advanced, Golden Sun, Ruby Safier, Arc the Lad 2,3, and TOS, Thousand Arms, Xenogears, Xenosaga, Beyond the Beyond, Vagrant Story, Front Mission, Front Mission 3, Sukiden 1 and 2, Breath of Fire 5, Chocobos Dungen 2, Alundra, Azure Dreams, Saga Frontier 1(its like 8 differnt games >.>;, Saiyuki: Journey West


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                  Geez... let's see.

                  - Arc the lad 1,2,3,4
                  - Tales of Symponia
                  - Legend of Mana
                  - Vagrant Story

                  Crap, I can't remember them all (there's at least 3 more). These are all games that I OWN and haven't gotten around to them. I've started some, but got sidetracked with something else.

                  The ones I've played in your list:

                  - FF Tactics Advanced: cool game, LONG. Pretty tough too!
                  - Golden Sun: Awesome game. I review'd it.
                  - Vagrant Story: Started, but never finished. It's cool though!
                  - Suikoden 1 and 2 (review): Great games, awesome graphics, excellent music. Part 3 was disappointing. I hear 4 is gonna be pretty schweet.
                  - Alundra: I didn't like it that much.

                  Now, I've never played a Front Mission game. Any good? Also, I lost interest in the Breath of Fire series after BoF 2. Bof 3 was just... meeeh. I heard BoF 4 wasn't great either.
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                    I really liked BOF 4 and 5 is just crazy hard.

                    These are just the games i have not beat, not the ones ive played and beaten and own

                    If your a fan of the Tactics games and you like big mechs youll like Front Missions games


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