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    Originally posted by rebelsrock06
    Vbulletin and its sister boards, Support forums, game forums, debate and general chat.
    Keeps you up at night too? Reading articles, participating in vbulletin discussions, etc? Yeah, same here


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      Sports (HOCKEY!), music, and bb talk (official vBulletin site, official Ikonboard site, etc).
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        Umm... since I didn't have enough time last time I'll explain what kind of sites I visit (cuz I'm bored )

        I like to visit Gaming Related Boards, mostly The Final Fantasy and The Glass Prison.

        I also like to visit Coding Sites such as the vBulletin sites, vBHacks, etc.

        But I probably won't have enough time to visit these sites since I've been selected as the newest developer, that has been accused of ripping vB, MyBulletinBoard.

        And believe me, you have the assurance from me, a fellow vB fan, that MyBB is not ripping vB.
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          Me visits the boards relating to general geekery. If its alright to give some links (if not, please remove them) I frequent the following boards:

 (I'll admit it, I still visit it a lot :P)
 (my site!)
 (I bet you can guess what site that is )

          Thats all I can think of atm.


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            Boards to do with Charmed, Buffy, Smallville. Just entertainment in general. Imaginary Boards is a good one.


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              I mostly use my own forums (bootleg trading), I also use some other forums, 1 is for an old game I used to play online (planetarion) and I am still a member of the alliance, though they have now moved onto other games, as a guild sort of thing (one of the biggest in SWG now)

              I also use a counter-strike server that I play ons boards, these are all vbulletin, now when I visit other boards, I dont like the feel of them as much, and I'm always making mistakes when I try and do some stuff, cause they just dont have as many features.

              The Alliance Boards were those that got me into Vbulletin, due to the security of them, as we used to have alot of trouble with hackers when we played Planetarion, as we did dominate most of it

              Anyway, enough ranting from me

     for all you indie/rock n roll lovers out there, thats my site, or even just music in general



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