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    i use a forum which has about as many forums as the site in the first post, it's got over 1.3m posts on it though and didn't start out with so many forums
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      Originally posted by Erwin
      When starting out, it's probably best to work on a minimal amount of forums, and then keep dividing them as they get busier - a type of mitosis so to speak. My forums started with about 8, and in 3 years have expanded to over 400.
      Exactly. This site in question... overwhelming the members, for sure.


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        Unsatisfactory workaround found

        I finally found a way to knock the number of my forums down to under 1,000, but it still requires the seeding of countless threads that are essentially just the names of writers, movies, musical artists, and celebrities without inputting any substantial content to actively initiate discussion.

        The vBulletin developer who sought to help resolve the issue concluded that there is no way to overcome Yahoo! Web Hosting’s unusually low 8 MB PHP memory limit and that the software (at least in my case) is using an inordinate amount of extra memory that is unexplainable, but this latter problem was not really fully resolved.

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          The seeds of worry

          Originally posted by TonyG
          Exactly. This site in question... overwhelming the members, for sure.
          Tony, I assume that your comment is in response to my site ( rather than the initial site about which the thread was begun. If your impression is shared by others, I have need for some serious reflection.

          I thought that the highly organized structure would make it easy for visitors to easily (with a very minimum number of clicks) find and “zero in” on what most interests them while easily ignoring (avoiding) the other topics—especially music genres—that least interests them. I find that the “free-for-all” nature of most other music-oriented sites seems to lack focus in being too general, forcing visitors to do a lot of scrolling to find comments about a music genre or band/singer that they like. Admittedly, though, clearly delineating the lines between each genre in my case forces my site to have an exceeding number of forums, which to some visitors may also ironically evoke a similar comment that my own site lacks focus by trying to appeal to everyone in the world instead of just the fans of one specific genre of music or movies.

          This is not meant as justification or a claim that my site is somehow superior. If my own site is in fact overwhelming in some way or the organization does not make it easy to quickly find the specific genre that most interests a visitor, it is an indication that my assumptions have been incorrect, and I should thus rework the structure or just focus on my own favorites (R&B music and Romantic-Comedy movies), which I fear would have a very limited appeal to the majority of potential visitors.


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            Originally posted by Darren Lewis
            I always knew vbulletin could support hunderds of forums, and subforums, but this site has to have the most I've ever seen!
   has more :P
            Originally Posted by Zachery
            John originally presented vBulletin to Infopop, they didn't take it, so he took it and sold it

            Originally Posted by Martin
            We had to do a lot of arm twisting to get him to do it, though. I would imagine he still hates us.


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              Terribly sorry to dredge up an old thread... but...

              He was using categories, sub-forums, sub-forum of sub-forums, etc. The only problem he was having was with the Forum Manager. He had it set to load all the forums in the Forum Manager and obviously the browser had a difficult time loading this. I changed the display option to 'collapsible' and all was well.
              Where is that display option at please? I have 3135 forums and the forum manager is a bear to load.

              but Forum Manager displays the additional forums incorrectly under the wrong parents (more accurately, orphaned from the parents and incorrectly stranded at the bottom of the Forum Manager collapsible view table in admincp).
              I get that problem as well, and am currently hoping to find a solution to rebuild parentlist & childlist information en masse.


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                Try these settings:

                Admin CP -> vBulletin Options -> Admin Control Panel Options -> Forum Manager Display
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                  Pity this is an old thread, I was hoping I could moderate the Nitric oxide reagents forum.

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