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This mornings dawn

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  • This mornings dawn

    Usually I fall asleep at 6 in the morning, but I was still working here on and my wife pointed out to me how lovely the sky was turning from black night to morning dawn. So I took out my simple 2MP digital camera and took a few pictures.

    Here is the first picture where the sun is trying to break through the clouds that gathered up on it during the night. The sky was light up like magic. (omg those trees)

    Here it just struck through and look at how wonderful nature is. We are so precious in our universe.

    Ah, there it is! Goodmorning!

    Look how wonderful this morning starts, the earth is slowly waking up (well, this half anyway)

    And see what kind of magic it brings to the strees outside my apartment. Enchanted forest right outside my doorstep!

    I can't stand bright sunlight, because I am an albino, but this is just pure magic in my eyes. I wouldn't sleep better knowing I didn't share this

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    very very very nice and pretty !

    thanks for sharing flo


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      Thank you I know I am not the professional photographer (i just point & click) .. so 99% there is just pure nature's way of being pretty


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        I went to bed this summer and last summer at 5-6 AM, and sometimes I don't go to bed at all.

        However, last summer I would sometime take walks at 5:30 in the morning to relax myself so I could sleep, and it's so nice and peaceful then... you feel like you're the only one on earth.

        Nice pictures, Floris.


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          I don't enjoy the headaches I get on a regular basis, so taking long walks in the early morning or the deepest of the darkest night is a wonderful experience for me. I don't have to worry about traffic, I get so relaxed and the morning colors are just wonderful.


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            Great pictures ^_^

            Those do look like they are from a fantasy story.


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              Thank you. Yeah they do. But this is just how mornings look like in the summer I guess Oh man .. I should goto the mountains or the sea!


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                Beautiful scenery. Sometimes I wish I could capture nature just as it appears to me. lol
                Hey, I never knew you were an albino. That's an interesting little fact.

                Thanks for sharing! Lovely pictures.
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                  I usually don't tell. And when people ask, I don't mind explaining some things. But yep, I am an albino. I don't have the red eyes (thank god) unlike most rabbits But I do enjoy all the other downsides.


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                    I'm not seeing any albino.


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                      I mentioned I was I am not on any of the pictures; LOL


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                        But I want to see the albino!


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                          Originally posted by Andrew111888
                          But I want to see the albino!
                          Sorry, I am not a freak attracktion at the traveling circus


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                            You'd only be a freak if you had the red eyes.


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                              You'd only be a freak if you had the red eyes.
                              That's not what I consider a freak...."freak" in my terms has to do with someone completely not main stream such as myself...Here's a fact about me though. lol...I'm actually blonde...

                              And Floris you take beautiful photos!!!
                     my fav
                              and also ..Man just beautiful!!!!!!!

                              Got a Boxer?


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