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What do you think of this speed?

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  • What do you think of this speed?

    Combined, zlib and mysql optimisations.....

    Check out the speed on

    I'm psyched. Even my users in India can feel the difference.

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    Wow, that is a very fast board.


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      Whoa, that board's speed packs a punch.


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        Its simple.

        We use mysql with the default installation of PHP (4.05dev) and some tweaked buffers. I have the buffer count set high in mysql. I use connects and not pconnects, so at the most I have 4 or 5 instances of mysql running. Better to have 4 or 5 instances with lots of buffers than dozens with fewer buffers.

        I use gzip compression on all the pages including the main into page which is now completely running on vB templates.

        I use the apc cache to further optimize the load speeds.

        I had to put full path names in all the "require" statements to make vB work fully with apc cache (It used to segfault some of the pages).

        The site is hosted on a dedicated server at

        Let me know if you guys want more details. Its nothing but minor tweaks to the various subsystems.



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          My board is too very fasttt


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            Now that was fast.


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              Originally posted by shri

              Let me know if you guys want more details. Its nothing but minor tweaks to the various subsystems.

              hook us up w/details... i am very interested....


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                Hi Shri - Im very interested. There are a few vB boards on one of our servers and its running a little slow.

                Can you let me into your little secret?


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                  I too am interested in the details.
                  Translations provided by Google.

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                    Here's basically what I have.

                    Hardware: PIII 700 with 512MB RAM 9GB Hard Drive.

                    mySQL version 3.23.33
                    Compiled with no special options using standard gcc

                    Apache version Apache/1.3.19
                    Compiled with the following options
                    ./configure \
                    "--with-layout=Apache" \
                    "--activate-module=src/modules/php4/libphp4.a" \
                    "--activate-module=src/modules/standard/mod_rewrite.c" \

                    PHP version 4.05dev (one of the older daily snap shots)
                    Compiled with
                    ./configure --with-mysql --with-apache=../apache_1.3.19 --with-zlib

                    APC Cache 1.08 (Shared memory version)
                    Compiled with
                    ./configure --enable-apc --with-php-config=/usr/local/bin/php-config


                    My Apache conf file is simple and has no major tweaks in it.

                    My php.ini is again the default except for the following lines
                    apc.check_mtime = 1
                    apc.shm_segments = 3
                    apc.shm_segment_size = 4194304

                    My my.cnf has the following info in it.

                    port = 3306
                    socket = /tmp/mysql.sock

                    set-variable = max_allowed_packet=1M
                    set-variable = table_cache=512
                    set-variable = sort_buffer=32M
                    set-variable = record_buffer=32M
                    set-variable = myisam_sort_buffer_size=32M
                    set-variable = thread_cache=8
                    set-variable = thread_concurrency=2
                    set-variable = max_connections=256
                    # Point the following paths to different dedicated disks tmpdir = /home/nobody/mysql

                    Now a couple of things I've done ....

                    a) I've got a spare server which I am going to resell the capacity on, so I needed a VERY fast forum. I removed the advertising banners on my forum. They will slow your page load down a LOT!

                    b) Changed the pconnects to connects. This way only 5-6 MySQL processes every startup and they are quickly handling the requests and moving on... not waiting around in memory for the connection to time out.

                    Number of pageviews have dropped over the last few days because I've converted many of my forums to being viewable by registered users only.

                    My mysql status is
                    Uptime: 140720 Threads: 29 Questions: 1809453 Slow queries: 2 Opens: 518 Flush tables: 1 Open tables: 223 Queries per second avg: 12.859

                    c) Turned on gzip compression

                    d) Made the front page vB template based and use vB output functions for it (i.e. its also using the vB gzip functionality).

                    Thats about it I guess...

                    (I will be the first to admit that I know very little about tuning mysql.. the variables I'm using may be completely wrong.. I've just picked a few up from various posts and experimented with them).

                    Sorry for the typos / grammer .. i'm in a rush to go to work :P


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                      The server I will be tring this out on it
                      • P3 866
                      • 512MB Ram
                      • 40GB SCSI HDD
                      • PHP4.0.4pl1
                      • Apache 1.3.17
                      • MySQL 3.23.32

                      I'll let you know how it goes


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                        it's pretty simple script, i have it installed on my board:



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                          That is definitely very fast!
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