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I hate NSI!

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  • I hate NSI!

    BLAH !! Network solutions sucks!

    Im trying to get my domain ready to move to a dedicated server, lately i have been using 000domains for all registration, but i still have a few old (pre -'99) domains with NSI, one of these i wanted to change to my dedicated server... problem is, my isp that i signed up the domain with has gone under, so i no longer can recive email to the address listed with NSI...

    I have to fill out 3 forms, email them twice, and fax them once just to change my email address! Then it takes another 7 days for the change to go thru?! As soon as it gets changed, im going to transfer all my domains to 000domains, another two days before i can change hosts! This sucks!

    Last summer i sold one of my sites, it took me 6 months to transfer the domain to the buyer! How the heck can anyone still purchase domains or service from NSI? Price is insanely high, i can register a domain for $13 for two years from a friend, but i choose to pay $13 a year from 000domains (beter interface) and half the services that NSI charges for, are free on the net! how much longer can NSI stick around?

    Welp, im off to go make a copy of my drivers license for NSI ...

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    hmm so many people have problem with NSI but hey I haven't had any problem with them for nearly 3 years now.


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      i had my first 4 domains with NSI but transferred them to 000domains as soon as i could...
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        I had the same problem... many of my first domains were through NSI (when they were the only game in town), but I used several different email accounts, all which didn't exist anymore. So it took hours and hours on the phone, several faxes, a copy of my driver's license..... it was horrible. After a few weeks I was able to finially get them all transfered over though.


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          I have most of my domains with and I have two domains with NSI. Besdies the price, I haven't noticed anything bad. I even asked them not to send spams and they did.


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            I am also slowing transfering out my domains from nsi. I don't like them it takes forever and now i can make changes and on the web and it will be done in less then 5 mins. I send email to my new register and every time i get a response in a hour if not minutes.


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              If it wasn't so hard to get the ownership changed on your domains, chances are they wouldn't be YOUR domains anymore... :-)


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                I agree, NSI makes it ridiculously difficult to change information. A very good friend of mine actually just went through hell to get her name/address/etc changed with NSI. She's had the domain for about 4 years now. Last year, she wrote in for a change of address....NSI also changed her name to "Dawnowar" (she owns and her nickname is Dawnowar everywhere.) The amount of grief she's had to get it back to her legal name has been unbelievable. She sent a copy of her drivers license, with the address on NSI's records...not good enough. She wrote several letters of complaint...not good enough. She sent in a newspaper article about her site where she's listed as Dawnowar along with her legal name in the same article saying it was her....not good enough. She sent in a notorized legal change of name form....not good enough. Finally, she faxed ALL the above to NSI and they finally changed her name of record. Aparently, NSI won't allow/can't let those who registered names with them before the big dotcom explosion to change their info with a username and password so if there's a fubar in the system, like your legal name gets switched to a nick name, you're screwed. Once NSI got all her info straight, she moved her domains to dotster. As of this writing, she's happily a dotster user with an alphanumeric password and can do her own changes on the web in minutes.


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                  What I really hate about NSI is that if you offer web hosting, you had better not use NSI or they'll send your customer 1,000,000 "host your site with NSI" advertisements. And it's all over their pages so you can't send your customer anywhere near there or they could scoop them up.

                  That sucks.


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