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    Originally posted by Wayne Luke
    However it still has grave problems including the fact that it likes to crash with PDF files and when too many tabs are open.
    I personally have never had these problems, but i download the nightly bulids more or less, daily.


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      Adaware is nice - use it in the field alot.

      IE is the only one for me. The rest are slow and crash all the time. I have 20-30 windows open in IE, and 10-15 programs open most of the time.

      IE and win2k for me. XP blows also btw. I can not get 1/4 of the programs installed before it crashes. (network / computer field teck - 15 years). XP/ME is great for an AOL user , not for power users that need to use their computer.

      Software firewalls suck. Not 1 of them, but all of them suck. You could not pay me to use them.

      I got an old SMC 8 port 10-100 switch / router. Its all I need . A 4 port ver is like 50$ USD. It will protect all computers on the LAN side w/o needing some POS memory rez big brother watch dog on each system. Also gives internet to 254 PC's from one cable / dsl connection.

      Virus ? LOL - not on any of the 15 systems here - dont use AV either. (50-200 e-mails a day) - one just needs to be street smart.

      BTW: Wayne Luke - takes a good 4 hours to install and set the "work" system perfect here. Then ghost it to dvd. Next time I need to restore 8 from the ghost image abot 8 min.
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        XP does just fine for the average computer user. I don't use AOL and I use XP

        As for Firefox being buggy. Its about the least buggiest software I have on my computer. IE, Microsoft Office, Dreamweaver, and Adobe Premier seem to give me the most troubles with stability.
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          Windows is very simple to maintain. Set up auto-updates for yourself and you'll be fine. Don't install active x scripts and don't open up virus emails. It's something you wouldn't do on any system anyway. If someone on your machine does, install an anti-virus and let that auto-update as well. Almost anything else is worthless (like most software firewalls, etc.).

          HarryButt, I agree with you on everything except one thing - XP is great. I pound this system. My 2000 machine could not handle what I put my XP machine through. ME isn't close to what XP is and there's no comparison. I cannot say I have any need for most older programs, but the few I do have installed just fine. It's never (literally never) crashed on me. It's on 24/7 and gets reset when I update the system or change up some hardware things (I like to reset for some external devices sometimes). My work machine was just upgraded and I went from 2000 to XP and it's been solid. I really recommend giving it another shot. If you don't like the look, just go to classic

          Dean C - that is a good resource for anyone running into a problem. Thanks for taking the time to post it, I'm sure many will use it.


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            thanks for your advice... appreciate that

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              Very strange i think !


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