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A 70MP web cam!! lol - 360 degrees too

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  • A 70MP web cam!! lol - 360 degrees too

    This is amazing new gadget to have.

    A world first: a digital 360° photo livecam for the internet with 70 MP
    • Digital photo camera conceived for professional photography with highest resolution and an image quality never seen before
    • 70 Mega Pixels
    • Fully-fledged data base for small and large panoramas
    • Controlled by a webserver as a fully self-contained system
    • Thanks to ultra-high resolution very high zooming factor possible
    • Full, seamless 360° panorama (scan)
    • Attractive livecam functions
      (individual movies (day, week, year), E-Card)
    • Made in Switzerland
    Lol, made in switzerland Yes, nice feature.

    I really like the seamless 360 degrees panorama scan
    Check out the attachment. (poor quality)

    Man oh man, 70mp is a lot, 50.000px wide and 2.700px high. Whoo hoo, and with 20x zoom, whoo hoo

    more details :
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    That is pretty cool. I bet it's very $$$$.


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      Yes, but what isn't these days!


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        *Starts saving money*

        I want one! :P


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          The picture quality is very nice.


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            70MP is a bit deceiving. It is 70MP around the entire arc of the photo, so the shot itself could be very wide but not very tall.

            The _best_ Cannon digital camera is only 11.1 MP. And costs around AU$16000(

            All that aside, its a cool idea, but mostly useless for applications in the home unless you put it in the middle of the room!


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              I'd like to mount something like this on the house and have the photo's uploaded to a private site. I could see who was in my drive way while I was on vacation or something.


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                A world first: a digital 360° photo livecam for the internet with 70 MP

                LOL, what with 60MB + files per refresh, you must be using a different internet to me
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                  I am not mistaken, their PDF file for the press explains how it is handled for the internet.


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                    Having a huge megapixel count is largely irrelevant to image quality - it's the SIZE of the photoreceptors that makes the biggest difference.

                    The newer Canon Digital SLR cameras (EOS 300D, 10D, 1D MkII & IDs) produce stunning image quality because the CMOS sensors have (relative to consumer digicams) huge photoreceptors, which means that the images they produce are almost completely noiseless (signals from one photoreceptor do not interfere with their neighbours).

                    70MP is very impressive, but if the sensor is the size of a postage stamp the picture quality will be horrible...


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