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  • Adrevenue: Don't Use!

    I was given a link on these forums to some adsoftware to use on my site. The software was Adrevenue ( I went there a few months ago, liked the features that it had and that it would have in a future release, so I purchased it.

    Now, the entire time they were working on the latest release, they kept saying that "upgrades are always free!". So, based on this, I waited for the upgrade.

    I got a notice today that the latest upgrade would be coming out "very soon". So I followed the link in the email to check out the discussion thread they had going on it. While I was reading it, there were several posts stating that current users would have to pay $69.95 to upgrade.

    Well, since I had been told all along that "upgrades are always free", I decided to voice my opinion on the matter.

    Low and behold, as soon as I did, my post was promptly deleted and I was banned from the forums. Nice way to treat customers...NOT!

    So, I have sent them an email requesting a refund. We'll see what happens.

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    You actually paid for ad serving software? phpAdsNew is awsome and is totally FREE!!!


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      It had some features that PHPAdsnew doesnt. Specifically text ads. I've been using PHPAdsnew for some time now.


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        PHPAdsnew does text ads last time I looked about a year ago.


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          Originally posted by UHN_ED
          PHPAdsnew does text ads last time I looked about a year ago.
          Still does
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            Yup... I use them on my site since it saves bandwidth.


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              I've tried using text ads with phpadsnew, but it doesnt work quite the way I want it too.

              It'd be nice if PHPAdsnew started using templates for its ads, then they could be customized.

              BTW, to update my original post, I have not received a refund, and I am still banned from the forums at
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                I am no lawyer, but since they were advertising it for free, I belive they would have to give it for free. But dunno.


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                  PHPAdsNew is free, but AdRevenue will run you $99 or $169...depending on which version you buy.


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                    I agree with this posts

                    Be beware of the AdRevenue program and the developers at

                    1) I originally bought AdRevenue with a manual payment function but a later
                    release removed this function in error. (In fact, the developer admitted that it was an oversight) At this stage I had to wait months for the new upgraded script to fix this error.

                    2) Despite several promises to customers on the online forum that upgrades will always be free, all customers was just forced to pay $59 for an upgrade. One of the statements was that a customer are not obliged to purchase the upgrade but, by removing a critical part of the program with a minor upgrade as to "force" customers to purchase the upgrade to fix the problem amounts to fraud.

                    3) Once purchased this upgrade I discover that the manual payment function is again not included and the upgraded version also caused problems.

                    4) The upgrade script is not completed and the "help" function
                    communicate a very unprofessional image to our clients because it ASK customers to submit help pages.

                    5) Again, despite several promises to fix the manual payment error nothing happens after long period and e-mail to are now just ignored.

                    6) Since the upgraded script are useless, e-mail to the developers to fix the problem as promised are ignored and their online forum suddently removed, there is no choice left than to warn other potential customers.

                    Many thanks

                    Frank Coetzee


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                      the installation is confusing.. and I always can't get it to work probably....


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