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IPB loseing the plot?

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  • IPB loseing the plot?

    ok i know this is vb but its very unlikely this would last more then 2sec on ipb hehe.

    Anyway ipb are heading for making ipb fully payed only even skins and hacks and there not going about it in a very nice way.

    First there basicy tricking people in to thinking you can only buy ipb by hiding the link to the free one more and more.

    ipb are planning to make a big payed network thing where hacks and skins will all have to be buyed.

    Due to this fact mind you its going look good for us here at vb i mean it make us cheaper to run vb then ipb and its a better deal because its a better forum then ipb in my view.

    plus ipb will make alot of there users mad by the way there going about stuff, i recall when you first starting selling ipb (support they said it was for) people asked if they go all out payed and they said they will never do that but yet abit longer down the road there heading that way with out telling anyone.

    Ps please keep this topic to a nice grown up matter about the topic in hand.
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    One thing that annoyed me was their paid support attitude. They took all the free support and advise people had willingly given and locked it away do you had to pay to view it. I think this is what they've done (I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have just removed it all), however I'm not an IPS customer so I'm not 100% sure.


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      WHAT?!?!?! how can thay do that. The only reasone i use IPB and not vB is because i dont want to dish up cash to buy a forum. wow if they start charging that would suck.


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        are you the same rnawky who got banned from ibplanet and its irc channel for being a pain?


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          I like vBulletin, it handles big and active boards so much better. That is one reason why I think it is worth to purchase vBulletin over the competition.


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            Originally posted by Tom|HT
            are you the same rnawky who got banned from ibplanet and its irc channel for being a pain?
            yep that would be me


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              Floris, what is funny is that the IPB fans say the same thing about IPB.

              Anyway, everyone posting in this thread that has an account at the IPB support forums is going to get dropped into the moderation queue. I was dropped in it for comments in this thread:



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                This really isn't the place to discuss the business practices of other forum software developers.
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