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Power Surges == EVIL!

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    I have a safety switch protecting my computer, which basically turns all power off if there is a surge in the electrical system of the home. Computer doesn't suffer anything besides an instant shutdown, and does practically no damage to the computer and files/folders etc.

    And just to be safe, I don't leave the comp on during a storm anyway. Can never be too safe.


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      Originally posted by filburt1
      If you can surge surpress the network cable then you should be fine.

      Expensive. I'm relying on my router, a central hub, and my local hub to destroy themselves before it enters the computer.
      Are surge protectors designed to handle a surge coming from what they are supposed to be protecting?

      Edit: My Uncle grounded the cable wire that comes into the house, do you think that would protect the TVs, my computer (ATI AIW), etc if lightning struck the non-fiber part of the cable wires?


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        Originally posted by Wayne Luke
        Depends... I have a $500 filter system on my turtle habitat. It does 600 gallons per hour (filters the entire tank 8 times per hour) and uses infrared sterilization processes to create cleaner water than that which comes out of most faucets.

        Sure, $20 fans and such aren't on surge protectors. But all expensive equipment is.
        The most expensive thing that I have going straight into the wall is my fish tank filtration system. Probably around $50 in cost, but could easily be replaced. I imagine if it went out my catty fish would be able to maintain the tank for a few days.
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          In my area it is storm heaven durring the early spring to early fall months. Altho we don't get it as bad as the guys out on the planes (thank god) we still get more then our fair share of storms, many are just heat storms that pop up in the afternoon.

          It is not an un-common sight around here to watch lighting strike transformers and powerlines right outside of the house. Last year I was sitting on the front porch durring a bad storm as I often do, and lighting struck a tree in my front yard I was sitting 15 yards from. That strike screwed my hearing up for a few hours.

          Anyway, im used to having a bad storm at least 4 times a week so everything in my home is on surge protection. My computer's surge protecter hold enough power for me to keep using the computer for about 15 minutes, it's not much be enough time to save/shut down.


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              being british i usually don't have to worry about this.

              But a few years ago we had a storm which blew out my modem (old 56 back then) hard drive and monitor i beleive.

              but we usually just unplug everything if there's a storm directly overhead anyway.


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                Originally posted by rnawky
                If the surge protector has a battery, then it is a UPS.


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                  power surge is what fried my last mobo and powers supply


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                    Desktop and main dev server on UPS here.
                    I wrote ImpEx.

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