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The ATI rediculously super edition card thread.

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  • The ATI rediculously super edition card thread.

    Nope, at the moment it is not out yet. But that doesn't mean we can't discuss it

    Soon ATI ( will release their next generation video card serie. The X800.

    Why the next generation?
    Because they come with 0.13 micron holdin 160million transistors, add GDDR3 as ram and 256bit quad channel interface. Erhm, AGP 8x of course, and the pipelines are up to 16. Oh, and directx 9.

    It comes with a lite to flight version.

    R420 aka Radeon X800

    Radeon X800 SE
    Radeon X800 Pro (probably first to be released)
    Radeon X800 XT
    Radeon X800 PE (platinum edition)

    First comment: It requires at least 300 watt PSU

    Second comment: Vertex Shader 2.0 (because geforce 6800 will have version 3.0)

    Third comment: The pro version has 8 or 12 pipelines, because they are actually the XT with non-working pipelines. (it appears to be 'not passed the xt pipeline test for 16)


    My first thumbsup goes to the single slot

    My second one goes to required 300 watt psu, because it appears that the geforce 6800 actually recommends 400+ !!

    Third one is for the LOW K 0.13 micron - hopefully this helps


    Final comments: $399 for the pro and $499 for the XT are HIGH prices, but if these are indeed the prices, it is cheaper then the current 9800 XT in my country!

    Get an ATI one, Asus one or Sapphire one. The rest is just as nice
    Do not get Club3D and definitly not Hercules (H. stopped manuf. video cards!)


    The platinum edition will be the biggest of these buggers and it will hopefully feel like a overclocked XT to use in benchmarks to beat the competition.

    I won't buy it, too expansive and it will probably only increase some frames that I won't even notice. For me it will be the Pro or the XT (hopefully the xt). But dreaming about something bigger doesn't hurt.

    Oh my gawd, higher cpu, 512mb ram and 16 pipelines going RAWR in your computer screaming to get used in games like far cry, hl2 and doom3, stalker , etc.

    Codename: R420 (X800 Platinum Edition)

    Process Technology: 0.13 u micron LOW K
    Fits in single slot: Yes - most definitly
    GPU Speed: 520 mhz or a bit higher (nothing confirmed)
    Transistors: 160 Million
    Memory Controller: 256 bit
    Memory Speed: 560 mhz or a bit higher (nothing confirmed)
    Onboard RAM: 512mb GDDR3
    Memory bandw. T. peak: 36gb/s
    Pixel pipelines: 16
    Fillrate: 8320
    Textures / Pixel: 16
    Vertex Procs: 6 (doubt it will be 8)
    Vertices/Sec: 750
    DirectX: 9
    Vertex Shader: 2.0
    Z-buffer (lossles): 48:1
    Temporal AA: Yes
    MPEG 1/2 and 4 encode/decode accelerator: Yes
    PSU recommended: 300 watt or more
    Availability: some time this year (summer?)
    Price: $499 but probably more
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    yummy :drools:


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      I'm going to win that X800 from ATI.
      Running vB since 4-14-2002


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        Wow, that's some powerful stuff.

        My machine is still using ATI 128 Rage Pro...pretty old, now. But I'm not really playing any games that require these incredible graphics cards.


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          um its the X800 XT PE and X800 pro... or is it?

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            Nope, the XT and the PE are both the same stats (for most)

            But they are four cards,

            the x800 se (128mb) 8 pipelines
            the x800 pro (256mb) 12 pipelines
            the x800 xt (256mb/512mb) 16 pipelines
            the x800 pe (512mb) 16 pipelines


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              The X800 Pro is out. Newegg is selling it.

              The X800 Platnium XT isn't going to be out for a few months through.


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                Yeah, that's nice.
                *sigh* A man can dream, right?

                *pats GeForce4* We'll make it through this, buddy... you and me!


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                  the fan went on my 9800 pro and all 9800 pro's i know of

                  hopefully the X800 pro will be better


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                    Originally posted by sabret00the
                    the fan went on my 9800 pro and all 9800 pro's i know of

                    hopefully the X800 pro will be better
                    Really? Before buying mine I did quite a bit of research and never came accross that complaint. Come to think of it though, I would almost be excited if my fan died. It would give me a reason to upgrade the cooling on it.
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                      Originally posted by Marco
                      *pats GeForce4* We'll make it through this, buddy... you and me!
                      Don't worry I am right there with you... Can't see paying $400+ for a graphics card.
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                        Just bought a new computer system with the 256MB X800 XT. Of course the card is delaying my computer order, but hey, I can live an extra week with out it.


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                          This thread is pretty old now

                          Heh, the new GeForce is out now anyway

                          How long until the next ATI?


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                            Supposedly the new GeForce beats the crap outta any ATI card in Doom 3 benchmarks... but either way, ATI cards are preferred over nVidia cards for Half Life 2

                            MGM out


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                              I will still be keeping nvidia as their SLI on the 6800ultras is very attractive (instead of having to buy a whole new card, in 6 months i can just buy another one !)


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