I need to Learn About Mang Server

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  • Dream On

    I need to Learn About Mang Server

    Hello every one,

    One Of our Friend Who Was Take Care About The Server he Go away with some Reson With him Family so know i have to start by my own to mang the server and who to work and delete the log i etc.. we have Server and i have the root and everything so i need any good website to learn how can i work with PuTTy and i need to learn some command of linux etc.. so if any one just give me a good tut or any website that willhelp me ..

    Thankyou for all Support
  • tgillespie
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    It might be better to ask how to perform a certain task. There are lists of shell commands out there that can be used in SSH, but a list of commands isn't going to tell you how to administer a server. You either need to dedicate a few good hard days to learning linux/ssh or you need to hire someone. Especially if your server is one that needs to be up 24/7. Testing out commands and guides on a production machine isn't smart.

    Do you have a control panel such as cpanel, ensim, or plesk? What distrobution of linux are you using?
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    • Dream On

      i Use WHM/CPanel

      System: RedHat

      And I have Work With it .. but i dont really have time to mang it we both working on it and i have a Small Idea About Shell And Command and many other think but id ont no where do i start so know i need to learn About SSH And PuTTy And Some command That Will Help me so Thankyou agian for your support