So who's got prom tonight?

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    So who's got prom tonight?

    Tonight was supposed to be my prom night, I'm missing it but will be going to the after party

    I know a lot of schools will be having it this weekend sometime, if you are going make sure to stay safe on them roads
  • Zachery
    Former vBulletin Support
    • Jul 2002
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    <points to over a year ago> Yeap, that would have been mine, but no girl to take, howeveri did go to after prom, which was fun, besides it being insanely hot.


    • Guest

      Heh, I got the date, just aint enrolled anymore


      • Joe Gronlund
        Senior Member
        • Nov 2001
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        hehe , i read that topic too fast lol
        Thought it said who has po*n tonight

        Wondered if maybe i was in the wrong place
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        • Scrubby
          Senior Member
          • Jan 2002
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          I thought the same thing at first aswell. LMAO. Anyways, never went to prom in my school life, but ours would've been a few weeks ago.


          • TonyG
            Senior Member
            • Feb 2003
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            • 3.0.1

            Had one last year, and there will be another one next year. Had so much fun last year.


            • DirectPixel
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              • Jan 2002
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              Prom for my high school was two or three weeks ago, I think.


              • assassingod
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                • Apr 2003
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                My school prom is next year. I thought i'd start asking some girls to it the other week, and by an amazing coincidence they are all washing their hair on that night



                • ManagerJosh
                  Senior Member
                  • Jun 2002
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                  Originally posted by Zachery
                  <points to over a year ago> Yeap, that would have been mine, but no girl to take, howeveri did go to after prom, which was fun, besides it being insanely hot.
                  wonder if any girls here would want to take this guy out...

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                  • Kwak
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                    • Jul 2003
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                    Have a lot of fun and be safe!


                    • Lacrosse Boy
                      Senior Member
                      • Jan 2003
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                      I went and had a great time!

                      For dinner we went to Chino Latino's and everything was great. However, one person in our group of 12 didn't like anything that we had (it was a sharing-deal restaurant) so we headed across the street so she could get something to eat at.... McDonald's.

                      After that we headed to the Lake Calhuon Beach Club which is where the prom was held. We had a great time busting out the moves. The place was so nice too. It was like a palace.

                      After that our group went to my date's house, which has a hottub and indoor pool. We swum around, took a group shower in this HUGE shower she had (swimsuits on of course ), played "Dirty Minds" and watched a movie. Then we went to sleep. I didn't sleep very much.

                      Beofre we went to sleep Phil wanted to go take a car ride, so we sat on the landing with some sleeping bags, waiting for him to get back. Once he gets back he wanted to play Hide and Seek. But we were too tired.

                      In the morning we hung around her house and talked and whatnot until noon when we all went our seperate ways. It was an amazing night which I will not forget. I had so much fun!

                      My dad tells me the only thing better than this night I will hvae is marriage night.

                      I'll post a picture of my date and I later, and perhaps a couple pictures from our group.
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                      • TheComputerGuy
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                        • Apr 2001
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                        My old High School's prom was about a month ago. I did not attend. I did attend another schools prom about 2 weeks ago. It was aight. Reminded me how my school was when I was there. I realized I am not missing much.


                        • M1th
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                          • Jul 2003
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                          • 3.6.x

                          We had one last year, but having another one friday this week. I might go for a laugh.
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