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  • Ahhh, nostalgia

    I just bought a Dreamcast on E-bay ^_^

    Mainly for Shenmue II, but also for all the great, innovative, AMAZING games. i don't know why i got rid of it in the first place, actually

    Why did sega consoles go bust anyway? i mean the N64 was a total peice of skidmarked pants. all the Sega/DC games were mostly all new style games, none of all that sequel and ripoff crap.

    I mean just look at shenmue for instance (before you say "ahh, but they're milking it with a sequel", that was their plan from the beginning. because the story was too big for just a few disks, they intended a whole 16 parts for the game, but unfortunately with the death of sega consoles and the amount it cost for shenmue they're trying to cram as much as they can into shenmue 3)

    Also, if anyone's heard of 'seaman' they will know what i mean by innovative.

    speaking of which, anyone know where i can get hold of that?

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    Dreamcast is a great console, you are lucky you found one in good condition

    Sega felt their software market was where they where making the money, the saturn went bust and the dreamcast came out a little early for it's time, newer consoles just blow it away in about every area.

    Seaman was an early title, you would have to do some looking for it, not my cup of tea. Jet set radio was a great game for the console to, q3a rocks if you have the keyboard/mouse. It was good for me because in the early days online play was done all on 56k (no broadband here), sega's isp was also very fast, so there was not much lag (surprised me).

    Did you know your dreamcast will play DivX ;-) video burned to cd?


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      I had the chance to get a new dreamcast with lots of accessories (keyboard, internet connection, 4 games, ...) for very low money but i bought a PSII instead and i never regreted it

      A friend of mine had a dreamcast. Brad.loo is right, it is a great console with lots of great games and i really enjoyed playing with it.
      Maybe i try to get the new one (and sell it on eBay ).
      That's the end of that!


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        Also, check out virtual tennis, thats a sleeper hit that will have you hooked for a good while. The res evil re-makes where good also if you have not played them before, tony hawk pro skater also made it to the system with imrpoved graphics over the ps1 version.

        If you can find it, they also released a sonic pack that had all of the sonic genises games on it iirc.


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          PSO 1 1.0 and 2.0 are good for the DC, i have 2.0 (first games expansion ) PLayed that for at least 40 hours and im only level 28~ if i remember rightly. My DreamCast still works fine, just no want to play it, almost all my games for it are on my Cube ^^


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            The Dreamcast was an excellent system, and was way ahead of its time when Sega released it.
            The console had a large library of (good) games so that wasn't really the problem either.

            I don't know if people were just not ready for the DC at the time, but it's a shame it failed.
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              The main reason i got rid of my old DC in the first place is because PSO servers were gonna be taken offline (i had my DC hooked up to my old 56k using an imported disk that they CLAIMED they were gonna release over here, but never did so people were stuck with the sega ISP) and PSOII is/was a pay to play game, which i don't beleive in.

              And yes i do know DC will play DIVX

              and FPS's are just plain WRONG on a console, i played Q3A and unreal i think it was (could be wrong) and even with my keyboard and mouse it wasn't the same at ALL.

              How did nintendo do better than sega though? i mean the saturn was just as much of a fluff as the N64 (IMO) and the DC came out before GC, and even though i like my GC i still beleive sega could have beaten them with the DC today.


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                The Gamecube is far more powerful then the dreamcast, also sega felt their console's just wernt selling, you can't keep making someone no one is buying.

                They expanded their software development to other systems because they felt their software was where they could make money in the industry.


                Scence there is a lot of saturn talk I thought I would add this, I called a shop that deals in used games for sale and purchase. I called them a few years back hunting for games for a saturn I picked up at a flea market. Dude laughed at me

                'Naw we don't mess with saturn games dude hahahhah *hears his friend in back chuckle*'
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                  I bought one for soul caliber, haven't got any other games for it.

                  Was thinking of getting a cube for soul caliber 2.
                  I wrote ImpEx.

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                    The cube maybe more powerful, but what games really uses that power?

                    Also powerstone 2 is an amazing game, jerry.


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                      The powerstone games were the best on dreamcast, as well as Shenmue. (Haven't played 2)

                      I still have mine in the cupboard gathering dust as I haven't played it for ages (thanks to the cube )

                      Jerry - SC2 on Cube is great. I reccomend you get it, hours of fun. Plus you have link to play with too.


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                        DC was and is an amazing console not only for the games like Soul-Calibur, Powerstone, Shenmue, Quake3, Unreal Tournament, Chu Chu Rocket and even god love it Sega Rally.

                        Check the underground scene its the first console to get emulators etc not tot mention all the homebrew games from

                        Ive still got my DC, Keyboard, Mouse and Vmu`s (play snake on your mem card genius!)

                        Man im gonna go home and play DC now damn you..

                        But no it was a fab console still is as new games are being made in japan where even today sega still sells dreamcasts.

                        DC is that console that at the time we all went PAH ****e and a few went hmmm looks fun, but its hip to like DC for the same reason no one liked Van Gogh in his time

                        Its just got better with age.. so come on Sega announce DC2 with backwards compatibility

                        @ Zachery I have PSO 2.0 aswell just so you know what your in for im at level 124 with a Ramar and im 370+ hrs into it now about 2million to go up a level yikes, but i have all sorts of good fineds like a spread needle

                        @ Jerry SC2 is the best Fighter ever no joke and no contest, Namco`s Finest and i take it you play DC soulcalibur well think that but smoother cleaner , even better balanced with new moves, fighting styles etc.

                        If Vile reads this, you better come over again to the uk some time so I can own you with Knightmare as me and my firend Pip are god liek on it now, as in fuly beaten on Extreme Diff and with full perfects against each character we fought so come on lol
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                          Dreamcasts are nice they make good webservers


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                            Originally posted by Brad.loo
                            The Gamecube is far more powerful then the dreamcast, also sega felt their console's just wernt selling, you can't keep making someone no one is buying.
                            The GC is newer, so it should be more powerful than the DC.
                            Using your logic, the PS2 is more "powerful" than the PSX.

                            Originally posted by colicab-d
                            If Vile reads this, you better come over again to the uk some time so I can own you with Knightmare as me and my firend Pip are god liek on it now, as in fuly beaten on Extreme Diff and with full perfects against each character we fought so come on lol
                            I didn't do all that well at your place when we played because it was my first time playing Soul Calibur 2 on a GameCube.
                            Personally I hate the controller layout for the GC, and was not used to it.
                            Next time we play Soul Calibur 2, lets do it on a PS2 or X-Box (or arcade)...Then you get owned big time (I'll even be nice and use Charade)
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                              Oh boyo u aint even knowing what your in for lol, not only that but I can play on a PS2 as the control layout is exact to GC and since i prefer d-pad to analogue stick its even more natural

                              But yeah SC2 rules in terms of fighting games, tho in saying that SC is the daddy played it religously on my Dc was the first game I got with my Dremcast

                              Im deff gonna enter any SC2 tournaments that are about in Glasgow this summer, me and Pip (who I play against 99.5% of the time probs my downfall) but Id love to see how well I could do, SC2 is the only game Ive ever really been able to say that about lol

                              But yeah Dreamcast for President Yall

                              Floris did you know that for a short period people were using DC`s to act as server so they could then login to a corporate networks and do there hacky hack ways.No joke!! Though ive been on a site serving from a dremcast plugged into a 1mbit adsl line so.....

                              Dc`s rock cause of that WinCE platform, making them a little more Homebrew friendly.

                              Theres Linux for DC along with NetBSD and some other goodies.

                              If you find any homebrew DC games involving sheep download it!! I cant mind its full name or anything all I know is it involves sheep and is one of the best and least known about homebrew games ever!!
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