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[Question] 2 Sites 1 VB?

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  • [Question] 2 Sites 1 VB?

    For some time now I always see people wanting to use the same user data base and permissions and so on for 2 sites.

    Now I have found myself away (with little coding) to make 1 VB work on 2 sites and show totally different content and forums.

    Now since this is using only 1 set of files (hacked a small bit but not against rules) and 1 Vb data base to achieve this, do I still need to license each?

    I know I had read it was ok to point 2 domains to the same vb, but now that I have this sort of functionality I wanted to know the legits of if each needs a license.

    Remember only 1 set of files and 1 data base. (and about 40 lines of new code)

    I just thought I would ask since I was able to do it (I like to stay legal)

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    Personally I think that if you run two instances (2 sites) you should have two licences.

    But I am not the Jelosft LA Person


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      Lmao hi ya floris, congrats on the team spot.

      If they say I 'have' to have 2 licences to do it (when it is only one set files and one data base) I will, I am just hoping not (save myself from using one my spares)


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        I have purchased a license. Am I allowed to run two copies of vBulletin?

        You must hold a valid vBulletin license for each individual installation of the software (regardless of whether the two installations are on the same domain name or server).
        Taken from the Frequently Asked Questions ยป General Sales / Licensing

        Since it's only one install on one server where is the issue!!! Now if Jelsoft decide this is needing two license, I feel this is just money grabbing. Give the chap some due, he's made a hack that pulls data from one installation and displays it at another location.... Nice one

        You got a demo URL?
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          I will post some later (once the second site has a portal installed )

          This is something I have no plans to release.

          But the hacking time (if one was to install) is less then most of hacks, and also less added.


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            Hack or not, it are still two sites


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              Actually it is two 'domains' only one set of files and 1 data base.

              Very iffy grounds for this one *hence why I post asking

              Both domains point to the exact same folder/files/database and only 1 table added


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                Ok I moved one my spare licence onto the new one (incase they decide the 1 set files , one data base does not hold in this case)

       (this is new one as you will be able to tell)
       (is the main site that is stem from)

                All searches are to that 'domain' all forums only show per 'domain'

                User list shows for both (since you sign up for one both have you)
                Private messages go in both

                Please do not sign up for these sites, due to I have no use for people not into the topics at hand on them
                Last edited by insanctus; Sat 24 Apr '04, 6:08am.


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                  Pretty damn good.

                  Well Done



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                    Originally posted by Cloud Strife
                    Pretty damn good.

                    Well Done

                    Many thanks ...... I may fix up the who's online later to only show per that site (I am not sure as of yet)

                    I first want see what the official take on this is.....


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                      I believe that 2 domains accessing the same installation of files using the same database installation, you would be within the rules.

                      Just because and point to the same installation. They are not 2 seperate installations even if there are 2 domain names accessing them. I would be really worried if you got burned for this.


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                        This has come up before, and i'm 99% sure that's allowed.

                        They do state one DB and one set of files, so as long as that's all i'm pretty sure it's fine.


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                          Ya it is only one set files, one database

                          Although at this time both domains are licenced. Just incase (well I should say is but it is pointed to darksanctum so it ok)

                          But till final word I have to tie up two licences (being a good boy)


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                            It is good having a public discussion about this. And I just give my personal view. My word is definitly not final

                            The idea you have is against the spirit of the license, as far as I can see it. Because you can now run thousends of domains with different layouts and content, just the same userbase - using the same database. On one license? To me, they are still thousends of instances and require thousends of licenes'.


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                              Nice job..

                              I don't mean to hijack your thread, but I was asking similar questions at another forum provider's site. My thread was closed, because only "paying members" are allowed to get that sort of "support".

                              Here's my thead:


                              It's nice to know that open discussion is allowed here.

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