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[Question] 2 Sites 1 VB?

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    Originally posted by Floris
    It is good having a public discussion about this. And I just give my personal view. My word is definitly not final

    The idea you have is against the spirit of the license, as far as I can see it. Because you can now run thousends of domains with different layouts and content, just the same userbase - using the same database. On one license? To me, they are still thousends of instances and require thousends of licenes'.
    The spirit of the licence indicates one instance of files and database tables, how does it go against that because 2 different URI's point to it?


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      Well, the worry could be I run 1 million sites all different with one set of files, one data base.

      This is why in another thread they calling it grey area. Becuase basically I am not breaking any rules yet am (if both where not licenced)

      In a matter of a couple hours I could change the existing code I did to allow me to use this on 10 sites all same database and files.


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        Does it appear as two separate forums? If so, you need two licenses.

        My site is an example of a multi-domain setup that is allowed:

        Different domains, all parked on the same forum. Each link is exactly the same. If they appeared differently and/or showed different forums depending on the URL then they would be effectively separate and would require a license for each effectively separate forum.

        This is all detailed in the license agreement -

        vBulletin licence grants you the right to run one instance (a single installation) of the Software on one web server and one web site for each licence purchased. Each licence may power one instance of the Software on one domain. For each installed instance of the Software, a separate licence is required.


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          I have the exact same wish for our domains.. Our clan has 3 sites, but we wanna use the same forum installation for the sites, but if possible, restrict access for site1 users to site2+3 forums...

          Anyways, here´s some input I got in the thread I posted here:


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            Ya I could make this work with 10 sites lmao.....I plan once I buy another licence to use it for 3.

            If you want you can give me a pm (does work for a small price though)


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              Problem is that if I gotta buy the Vb licenses anyways, we´ll just aswell just go with Nuke on the two other sites

              Non profit clan, playing an old game (Ghost Recon) so no sponsors, eventhough we´re between the top 5 clans on the scene in our gametype, so expenses doesn´t go well with us atm...

              Hopefully it´ll pick up when GR2 hits this year


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                My site is non profit, although some donate. I own a few licences for vb, scattered here and there, it can become a costly hobby but well worth.


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                  I agree, it IS well worth it, but noone but me wants to spend the money or have the money and I personally have no use for 3 Vb licenses, since the one I got have allready been sorta unused since I bought it


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                    why not get a general domain for both forums, and putthem together ?

           or something ?
                    My Sites :


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                      Personally I think what this guy mentioned should be allowed under 1 licence, I mean if it's the same database and same files then it's practically the same forum. It's just the same as pointing a domain at a particular forum under an installation. Think of it this way guys, if he were to install one of the portal mods and set them to only display certain forums and then directed a domain at the portal, he'd be doing more or less the same thing as he mentioned at the start and would not be breaking any morals or rules. So why not just let him do it the hack way instead of the method described in this here reply which would be more complicated and stupid?


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                        If both urls show different forums, .. they need two licenses.

                        vBfans network is 1 db install, one set of files. And we run 5 sites with different content. I need 5 licenses, despite that they look the same for about 50%.


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