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Thank god for vBulletin

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  • Thank god for vBulletin

    I was looking at UBB 6.0 and vBulletin (1.1.3 on applies to, but the specific copy was 2.0 beta 2) and jesus christ (sorry if you are religious), it is SO MUCH BETTER THAN UBB!!!

    I was stunned how awful a product InfoPop has. I remember the days that UBB had the board monopoly... and I think JelSoft has definately taken the cake. The version of 6.0 I saw doesnt even have PM's!

    You guys got such a stable product that you are able to add new features into newer versions upon request (many hacks are standard) while the UBB team is trying to make it so that their board will just run fast, let alone have a lot of options. Plus, UBB is just ugly, no matter how nice you make the styles... you would have to like rewrite a LOT of code to make it nice looking.

    Thank god for vBulletin. I would say that on a scale of 1-10, vbulletin is:

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 9.5 10

    while UBB is only:

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

    No - I did not give it a 10. The reason for this is that some other product may come along in the future and may be better, so I never ever give out tens. At the moment though, vBulletin is by far the best board

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    Yeah, I was once UBB suppoter a while ago.(Not more than 1 month.

    I was feeling bad the way infopop went and decided to spend my money on this VB. I was hearing it was good.

    Finally, I bought it.(Leased actually). My god, so much better than UBB 6. VB is loaded with features. UBB doesn't even offer avatar option but as heck.

    And since VB uses mySQL as backend, it is so easy to make backups. (Gotta copy all those doomed text files to backup on UBB)

    But I am not saying UBB is extemely bad.


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      Well I hesitate to dump on Infopop, but the truth is that I just bought vBulletin myself and plan to formerly dump UBB once I thoroughly test out the product and my new host.

      In defense of UBB though, it should be noted that version 6 does contain PMs. Furthermore, Infopop has stated all along the UBB6 would be a thorough rewrite to improve speed and efficiency. It was never intended to include a bunch of new features.

      Nonetheless it's clear that vB has surpassed UBB is virtually every category. I'm really looking forward to switching my Board over.
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        Yeah now it's vB's turn to say Infopop is copying vB's features. Next time if I hear them call the kettle black I'm gonna scream!
        Well, there it is.
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          borrowing of features...

          Is this really such a bad thing? I think it encourages the developers to make their version of such features better and easier to use... We all end up with a better product in the end...


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            Of course it's a good thing. It's good because it drives both companies to make better products rather than sit on their butts collecting fat paychecks. Imagine if vB never came out. What would Infopoop be charging today?

            I was just saying... the next time those Infopop people try to insinuate that vB is nothing but a clone and that ubb is the cream-of-the-crop of originality... grrrrrrrrrrrr
            Well, there it is.
            - Keeper of the Grove


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              Well, at one point they were the 'cream-of-the-crop of originality'. Everyone copied off of them... then expanded the ideas.

              Nothing is sacred on the net. Company A copies off of company B who copies off of A and C. Nothing is truly original...someone's always done it first.


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                and those who done something unique first will make major money for a while


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                  on the copying ideas...

                  i feel bad for infopop that everyone copied their concept of a 'forum'... but hey, everyone has been screaming around for features for a long time now... and there were some very good ideas people suggested/created already.. you cant stop evolution u know.

                  if infopop wants to keep their board simple, ok then, keep it simple. there are people that dont want it that way.

                  about the database, lol, thats not even a competition. i like ubb too, but for large boards it just doesnt work. it was not designed for that. i heard rumors of database compatibility, but i dont know if they are true. i wish them luck, but i dont wanna nor can wait anymore. and if infopop releases a php version of their product, ill go give a big LOL at some peoples faces.

                  what does infopop created? the forum page with topics and posts numbers, and topic listing with replies? a control panel? as i think its great, thats raw conception imho. i dont wanna start a fight or anything, i just think that way, and i think its rational to. if ted doesnt want it, many people want u know.

                  anyway, congratulations vb, good luck.
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                    sorry about that, i think i just needed to spit it out you know... *ahhhh*

                    I feel much better now.. thanks.
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                      Well, Infopop's price change seems they are targetting biz people and they don't make the board with sql backend. UBB is no longer for hobby sites due to its price. Also UBB is no longer for biz due to the way it was created.(cgi with flat text database). Then what? What is UBB going for now?


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                        lol i thought of that. guess they dont know anymore.
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                          Originally posted by klisis
                          [B Then what? What is UBB going for now? [/B]
                          Ummm, go for free? LOL


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                            Slurpee of Infopop spewed this: Furthermore, the "other" board that you are referring certainly didn't create something new. They used an existing business and board model (UBB) and wrote a PHP-coded solution. Stop heralding them as heroes when all they did was jump on the bandwagon created by UBB's success. This attitude really irks me.
                            Here's the original thread:
                            Last edited by Skeptical; Tue 13 Mar '01, 7:04am.
                            Well, there it is.
                            - Keeper of the Grove


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                              Hey this is funny! Why does the word "infopop" automatically turn red?

                              [edit]Nevermind. It disappeared! I think the vB developers were playing around in the backend or something...[/edit]
                              Well, there it is.
                              - Keeper of the Grove


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