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  • online community - not just a forum

    I'm not sure if I'm in the right place at all...but please redirect me if I'm not.

    I'm looking for a sort of online community for the grads at my school. Everyone is off to different places and I thought it would be neat for everyone to be able to stay in touch. Is a forum like vBulletin, or free services like delphi forums really what I'm looking for?

    I want it to be more based on personal member profiles than on discussion; although a place for discussion would be nice. What I was thinking was that people would be able to look up a certain person and go to a sort of profile on them. They would be able to post where they are...what they're doing...even photo albums or journals or something.

    I guess what I'm looking for is an online forum with personal profiles that have a lot of features. I was looking at delphi forums but is this kind of thing even what I'm looking for? vBulletin seems really customizable but does this sort of thing already exist? Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks..


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    vBulletin lets you make custom profile fields for your members to fill in, this means you can build on the profile fields of your members to your liking.

    Using the threads and post reply + privmsg is a great way for people to stay in touch.


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      vBulletin could help easily - simply make the member list the focus of your site You could easily (I say! ha!) work this into a site layout, and then also offer the forums as a discussion board.

      Otherwise, search for a basic database package ( has one that I used - about 6 years ago! - for a penfriends site).


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        i actually think profiles will be the next big thing, so whoever makes something fully integratable with vB will make a huge killing.


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          Originally posted by sabret00the
          i actually think profiles will be the next big thing, so whoever makes something fully integratable with vB will make a huge killing.
          Actually, thats kinda what I am working on with my community. The members have their own profile, with more information than just their regular forum data, they have a photo album they can upload to and things like that.

          Making it more than just a forum. Its not done yet, but its not that difficult to create.

          A bit of useless info there

          But vbulletin is spot on, you cant really go wrong with it. It gives you a community forum package with loads of useful non bulletin board features (even if other packages have similar functionality). Vbulletin is customisable from the front end, and also has a huge modification community at


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            vBulletin would be perfect for this - It is very customizable. You can easily transform vB into what you want.


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              i actually posted a service request for all of what you said not long ago


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