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  • Dell - Inspiron 300m / Latitude

    I'm thinking of buying a new laptop next year when I go to university and I was wondering if anyone has experience with either the Inspiron 300m or the Latitude D400, X300 or C400?
    Chen Avinadav
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    I have the Inspiron 4000 and I like it so I'm sure the future models are even better.


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      I recently bought a Inspiron 5150. Completely different laptop, but I'm replying to this thread to give you an idea of the service I recieved from Dell.....

      Ordered a 5100

      Recieved order 2 weeks later

      3 days later refused to power on

      Phone technical support - they confirmed it was a hardware fault (duh!)

      Said they were going to sent out a replacement as a priority and offered a free 512MB upgrade

      3 weeks later recieved another laptop with the wrong specs (had 14" screen instead of 15"). It also didn't include the extra 512MB RAM.

      Phoned them without a lie 15 times till I finally got the truth that they were no longer making the 5100 with a 15" screen - this they didn't tell me and considering I paid extra for the 15" screen they didn't even offer a refund for it!

      I complained heavily and they upgraded me to a 5150 - by upgrade it isn't really because both models cost the same now.

      5 weeks later I recieved the 5150 but it was missing the wireless card I had in my original order.

      I am still waiting for this card.

      So it's taken me 10 weeks, since ordering the laptop, to recieve an incomplete laptop and without exaggeration nye on 40 phone calls to Dell to try and get this sorted. Do not ever rely on them to give you a call back because they just don't. I've been around their call centres so many times I could tell practically tell you how their entire system works. Or rather doesn't. If ever a company needed some quality software development for customer relations!

      The laptop I have now is sound. However I will never buy Dell again because their service sucks!

      If at all possible buy it through a business account is my best advice. I bought a 10,000 server for work and their service was great. What a surprise
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        You are better off Chen going for a whitebox notebook... its cheaper plus you can get a higher model
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          What about Fujitsu notebooks? They have some really nice models that could really fit my needs, like:

          Basically what I'm looking for is minuscule footprint and a touch screen. I might go for a tablet PC but the reviews on them are not very decisive.
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          Chen Avinadav
          Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

          גם אני מאוכזב מסיקור תחרות לתור מוטור של NRG הרשת ע"י מעריב


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            I have got my Dell Latitute for over 3 years now, still works fine, had some trouble with the CDROM drive about a year ago, but recently I dropped it from a meter high on a stone floor.... still works fine.... Even heard some good things about Linux on a Dell latitude... Think that was Debian installed on it, came across a yahoo group dedicated to that, but too busy working to install it, even like to wait till the new debian comes out. Hope this was of any help.....
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              Alienware! RAWR!

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                Originally posted by Kayn
                Alienware! RAWR!

                Excessively priced!