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Jelsoft's next competitor, Microsoft?

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    The WYSIWYG editor on the forum is no different from hours, they done something slightly different with the control bar thats about it. If i was bored enough i could make it look like that.

    They have the strike through, subscript and superscript which we could have but didn't add.
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      the speed of that thing is amazing though, i mean


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        Originally posted by sabret00the
        the speed of that thing is amazing though, i mean
        They use standard HTML selects for some of their stuff, whereas vB3's are done via complicated JS/css/html without <select>'s. I think that's one of the main differences.

        However, I was impressed that it actually worked in Mozilla. First microsoft thing ever that works in Mozilla... o_O


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          lol, i didn't even think of that, and i'm using FF, wonder if it works in IE lol


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            in my point of view Jelsoft and vBulletin will be ahead of Microsoft until MS learn to code better.

            Although it does load fast compared to vB (on my machine anyway) it just looks like a rip of phpBB and IPB. Looks really crud and is coded poorly by the looks. With laods of work it may be good
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              Originally posted by merk
              Where does this "it costs money" mentality come from?

              ASP.NET is built into the IIS6 server. How can it possibly cost more money than windows does itself?
              I apologize, I was unsure, I was just to make more money...
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                Microsoft products are too license encumbered. I don't see this being an option outside of big corps that are already M$ houses.
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                  That software is no threat to vb. It is designed to be an enterprise application. They also have a portal solution that integrates with it.
                  There are 2 versions that you can download. One coded in and the other in c#.
                  It is still an alpha. I've been running daily builds of it on my dev server for about 6 months. I am seeing it mature. Once it is complete it is going to one hell of a package.

                  This will run on Unix in the future. The .Net framework for the Unix environment is being developed.
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                    I must say that is probably the ugliest forum I have ever seen
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                      Originally posted by cirisme
                      I must say that is probably the ugliest forum I have ever seen
                      it's not that bad, it's just a dated design but as AWS said, it's an enterprise application so that would explain it.


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                        Originally posted by MrNase
                        Oh my god. It looks like a vB, IPB and phpBB Clone.

                        Anyone else noticed that it uses images that look similar to other software's images?
                        Compare their 'newTopic' button to IPB's and you'll see what i mean

                        Back to topic: I think this software won't be a tread at all. It may offer some nice features (read: copied features ) but it's still a microsoft product. Don't get me wrong, iam on XP myself and i know ms does a good job but after all those security problems in windows (xp) i don't trust that software
                        And ms is a large company and the software might be expensive and (as said before) only suitable for larger communities.
                        Microsoft isn't copying, they are making their own software. Since this has been done before, there will of course be similarities on the surface (how else do you present these features?).

                        Also, to my knowledge the costs of the software you need for Windows in order to run this are the following:

                        ASP.NET = Free
                        MSDE 2000 = Free
                        Forum Software = Free

                        Originally posted by san-deep
                        i can assume that to be a problem/competitor to JELSOFT in future.
                        MS has already A HUGE RANGE OF SERIVCES, mobile services, messenger services. there are tons of ways for them to integrate this into there new forums.
                        Inclusion or a mix of those services alongwith there new forums will give tremendous/excellent features to the users.

                        MS has a large community of developers as compared to Jelsoft that can be easily seen on there technet or newsgroups.

                        There WYSYING editor seems better.

                        Those forums require Windows hosting and MS SQL Server, which is way too costly for small forums or public forums. hence, thats a drawback.

                        tHERE are very new to the market, hence will take time to FLOURISH. vB needs to come up with some nice things to the current boards if wanna stay in competition.

                        Side news -> INVISION POWER FORUMS 2.0 is about to get released thiis week. they have all the features almost. of vB 3.0 gold. and morever they offer it for free.
                        there community is going big enough due to open source software reasons.

                        there are already TONS of hacks MADE and in production..
                        Morever, there paid technical support has increased much better in recent times

                        Jelsoft, needs to get ACTIVE asap.. or they mite start in loss.
                        Thats just a guess.

                        But nice place to discuss about the FUTURE OF our vB

                        As I have said before, MSDE 2000 is free and has only 3 limitations: single threaded, supports databases up to 2GB, and only supports 1000 connections simultaneously tops.


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                          I would be very interested in looking into this, i will give it a try locally atleast as i would be interesting.

                          PHP structure is very bad, its messy and the .net languages are very clean.

                          Depending how well the the unix .net framework is when its out (isn't there allready a version out?) i will look into it.

                          But for now will stick to php as its a very easy language to write in.

                          I wasn't to sure of what the .net exactly was, but about 2 months ago microsoft did a presentation about the .net framework at my university and it was very good, it answered all my questions and is something i like the look of. since then i have started programming in c++ .net and also looking into c#.


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                            No plans on purchasing anything from MS again. No worries here.


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                              Windows 2003 Dedicated Servers look good. Anyone with a Windows 2003 Server can use ASP.NET and MSDE 2000.


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                                getting back to the original question, given that the future of jelsoft is diversity, course it's a threat


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