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FBI wants to wiretap broadband providers!

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    Originally posted by Shining Arcanine
    If they can prevent people from being blown to bits by catching terrorists via broadband wiretaps, then by all means let them do it. Although, that is quite a bit of data to sort through.
    If the terrorists have a little bit of brains at all, they probably wouldn't meet on ICQ to chat about their plans. They would probably use something a little more sophisticated with high level encryption, anc considering today's technology it would be pretty hard for the FBI to understand any of it.

    My guess is that the FBI are doing this to make it easier to locate and prosecute high profile file sharers, which in itself is quite a worthy cause. Maybe not as important as preventing people from being blown to bits, but it's still a crime.

    This is only going to affect US internet providers though, right?
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      I don't think the FBI have ever let geography stop them before !
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        Originally posted by Floris
        Let them have their fun, all my activities are legal anyway
        I would like to state that I didn't cough up a lung laughing when I read this. I only came incredibly close. Giggles like this are good for your health. Thank you floris.


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