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  • Tivo question

    I am a directv customer and a big fan of alot of boxing and wrestling and all that good stuff. Anyway I pay $30 - $50 a ppv event and record them on to tape for later viewing and friends who want to see the fight.

    Anyway im thinking about getting a DVR from directv, from what I can gather this is just a tivo that recives directv all in one box.

    Can I record saved video on a tivo on to VHS, or even capture it so I can burn DVD or VCD? I know some dvd players 'black out' the video, I was hoping tivo's did not do the same.

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    I have a 40GB Tivo unit for my directv.

    To answer your question: Yes, the tivo unit likely has outputs that will allow you to connect to a VCR/DVD burner, etc.

    You can ask the salesperson to be sure, but I'd just about guarantee you'll have that capability.


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      The TiVo I have has a DVD burner built in to the machine. It's very nice. Though mine isn't used with DirectTV, just cable.


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        The best place to get all your Tivo questions answered is - and they even use vBulletin!


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          Thanks guys, thats all I needed to know, the new DVR will be here in short time


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            Enjoy your new DVR

            But this is something my family learned (it may be fixed now as this was a few months ago):

            If you plan to update the guide from the TiVo server via the network, it won't let you do the initial install/download via the network, so you need a phone line. This caused quite a few problems for us as we have few phone jacks and almost all of them don't work.

            Enjoy your TiVo, after you have it you wonder how you've ever lived without it
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              yep I can't live with out my ReplayTV. I work 3rd shift so most of the shows I want to watch is either on when I am sleeping or getting ready to go to work.


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                Tivo rocks!

                You will never watch TV the same... and when you are without it, you will miss it greatly.


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                  Im getting ancy waiting on it , it should be here real soon. Directv is running some good HDTV programming now a days, if I only had the tv to support it


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