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    This is a test post. Test test test.

    but the depression of the bed only makes sense when there is still gravity working in a higher plane that we can't explain... We can "see" magnetic field lines when we drop iron filings around a magnet... we can observe the attraction of metal to magnets or the repulsion of like poles- we give orientations to subatomic particles to 'explain' why there is a magnetic 'force' but truly we don't know the why of it anymore than gravity... saying because an atom aligned this way attracts and atom aligned the opposite way is nice on paper but it means as much the same as saying mass attracts mass... uzzled: the WHY is this so is the underlining key to a unified theory that almost certainly includes higher dimensions where these seemingly unrelated 'forces' just become different sides of the same coin (or better, different faces on a multi-sided die). Eventually everything in the universe will be explained away as simply what happens when a bunch of multi-dimensional octogons spin in some yet unknown dimension or parallel universe... then the only question will be... why are those things spinning and how did they come to be to begin with... which leads to the same answer- it makes no sense that they ever should have existed to begin with.

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    The whole dark matter thing is a big red flag in my mind on the current gravity theory... It only 'makes sense' if theres huge amounts of dark matter- matter that can't be seen... matter that apparently can't be touched, put in a container, or photographed... In fact we can see right through it... How do we "KNOW" it exists? Because it MUST exist otherwise the galaxies as we know them would fling themselves apart under our current theory of gravity... uzzled: So we've decided that the Universe must contain this extra mass somewhere because we are so 'sure' gravity is right the way it is that we're willing to basically be told "God" holds the galaxy together by keeping it in the palm of his hand or a cosmic Atlas holds the universe up and apart - just because scientists have given 'dark matter' a physics-sounding name doesn't change that fact that it is no different then any legend or faith-based answer that humans in 100 or 1000 years will correctly file under 'mythology.'


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