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    Information about Imaedia:

    We have taken our custom skin offline, so you may want to remove us from this contest, thanks for everyone that voted .....

    The reason the old skin is offline and a temporty free skin (thanks to is now in place is we have totaly re organised the forum and are now slowly woking on a new style

    thanks again for everyone that voted and people that nominated us


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      Man, you know everyone who voted for thesistersthree did it because Phoebe is hot -.-

      Vote for FFGON!


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        Originally posted by Feran
        Man, you know everyone who voted for thesistersthree did it because Phoebe is hot -.-

        Vote for FFGON!
        No - I voted because The Sisters Three has some good content about the TV show called Charmed, rather than another Final Fantasy forum (nothing against FFGON, but i am sick of Final Fantasy sites), and I personally think that Phoebe is ugly as hell, and Paige is much better...



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          Well, everybody is free to choose who they want - that is why others can vote too.


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            another??? But FFGON just isn't another FF forum..

            Its creator is also the creator of the popular TI-83+ game, 'DigiQuest'. That in itself brings merit to its name. FFGON was also the first forum ever to bring Triple Triad to vBulletin.
            Last edited by Feran; Wed 10 Mar '04, 3:58pm.


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              meh, well i wasnt the first, however many people admitted mine was the best. and its not there right now, it was a vb2 hack, and im *slowly* working on porting it to vb3, so it doesnt count right now ^_^

              and digimon quest 2, you 1) never played feran, lol 2) was for the 83+ calculator, and 3) was never released beyond my school 4) hasnt been seen by anyone in 2 years, cept me, lol

              so dq has nothing to do with it >.> nobody knows what your talking about
              Last edited by Darkwaltz4; Wed 10 Mar '04, 4:06pm.


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                Of course The Sisters Three, for me!
                -Jason /

                "I think I've been quite clear that the new style will be in vB4." - Allen Lin / February 16, 2012


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                  Imaedia is down, for like maybe forever :P so you may aswell remove it


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                    FFgon's main layout looks a lot like my site's old layout, slightly edited, webmaster also said he looked too much at my stuff.
                    I can't believe he dares to post that half ripped layout up...tsktsk.

                    And that ripper wasn't the first one with all those RPG ideas, but the site gave me a laugh Too bad not enough to let me vote for them.

                    So I vote for *bows to the coolness of the forums*
                    Last edited by bladegash; Sat 20 Mar '04, 11:29am.


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                      lol, your just jealous that our site crushed yours trafficwise and then began to look for reasons why we 'didnt deserve it' ~_~

                      i voted for ffgon ^_^


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                        I'm not jealous, you just ripped my layout. Period.
                        If you want to become a good board, don't steal someone's forum style.


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                          we had this song and dance half a year ago >.> we fixed it and you were happy with it, so dont start complaining now, just cause were on the site of the month poll and your jealous of us again. anyway, we shouldnt be fighting, here or anywhere ^_^ we used to be friends, i dont know what happened... cc is already done with the newest style but its being phpized by me before we release it online


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                            I was not happy with it, you said you were going to change it, but you didn't because of time restraints (or something).
                            If your graphic designer is making a new style, you should have waited and posted that as a possible nominee.

                            Too bad there are no rules concerning ripped styles, or half ripped styles. Everyone can join these Vb of the Months contests


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                              yeah i know, thats why i dont understand why your complaining again :-p and the new style is under one of those password protected directories, and for the SITE not the forums, which is why im trying to not talk about it in the poll thread >.> *runs before getting yelled at by a mod*

                              if you wanna see another style we have several other ones *rolls eyes* not just hybrid, just click the dropdown at the bottom of the forums, where it is on all other vb forums. is that okay with you if they look at other styles bg? sheesh


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                       ahead on the race and the end of the month is nearing !!


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