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Someone help *EEEEASY, Im just dumb*

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  • Someone help *EEEEASY, Im just dumb*


    I made a new design on my board. And when i did this, i made search and quick link buttons so i could put the drop down boxes for each of them on.

    But, when i try to.. It doesn't work! The drop down boxes won't work, someone please explain to my how to do this.

    I did already try about 320942432 times
    I did copy the coding exactly as it was from the navbar template, it still doesnt work.
    I tried including the menu.js file, still no luck.

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    Moving to vBulletin Templates forum. You might also want to ask over at You should also post the exact code you are using so peole can help.
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      Okay, here are the codes i am using currently, for usercp, and search **Both of thoughs use the drop down box**

      <if condition="$bbuserinfo['userid']">
      <a href="#usercptools">
      <img onmouseover="changeImages('nav_quicklinks', 'image8off')" onmouseout="changeImages('nav_quicklinks', 'image8on')" name="nav_quicklinks" border="0" src="images/nav_quicklinks.gif" width="111" height="48"></a><script type="text/javascript"> vbmenu_register("usercptools"); </script></td>

      <td class="vbmenu_option">
      <a href="search.php?$session[sessionurl]do=getnew">
      <img onmouseover="changeImages('nav_newposts', 'image6off')" onmouseout="changeImages('nav_newposts', 'image6on')" name="nav_newposts" border="0" src="images/nav_newposts.gif" width="98" height="48"></a></td>



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        Hmm @ 45 views and 0 replys.

        I posted this on 2 different sites, vbulletintemplates, and here. 0 replies on both, !


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          I'll figure out the right way to do it later today hopefully


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            -sorry, have to delay this until tomorrow, have too much homework


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              Okay, i appreciate your help. I had it working, but the <td id= messed up the header coding for some odd reason.

              Do you have AIM or MSN?


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                I have it working, again. But, still.. the header is a little messed up. Is the URL. Please help, it looks awfull lol.


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