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Getting My Member Icons Back [vb3]

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  • Getting My Member Icons Back [vb3]

    On my old vb2 board, I had a feature where a little icon would show next to your username when listing the members on the members list. I did this by editing a template, but the template seems to be no longer there. I finally found a template that contained the same information, but I don't know to edit it anymore, as it has become too complicated. I can barely read it and I'm not even sure it's the right one.

    I think it's so complicated now because you can customize what appears on the member list.

    Can anyone help? Somewhere in there I want to put <img src="images/membericons/membericon$post[field11].gif">, but I have no idea where.

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    I am not so sure if you can use a custom profile field on the memberlist .. maybe it isn't globalized in the source code. (I just tested this, no, it doesn't show in the memberlist)

    $post[fieldx].gif is a nice trick

    You probably want to add this to the memberlist_resultsbit template.
    If you want it on the right side of the username, you can find:

    <a href="member.php?$session[sessionurl]u=$userinfo[userid]">$userinfo[musername]</a>

    and directly behind it, add your own code.
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      Thanks a ton! I got it now. And yea, your right, that doesn't work, I hadn't edited that template since I made it and I had forgotten how I did it. It's $userinfo[fieldx] instead of $post[fieldx].

      Here's my code in case anyone else wants to use it. Obviously, this will have to be adapted for your board.

      <table><tr><td><img height="50" width="50" src="images/membericons/membericon$userinfo[field11].gif" alt="$userinfo[username] - $userinfo[field9]"></td><td><a href="member.php?$session[sessionurl]u=$userinfo[userid]">$userinfo[musername]</a>
      <if condition="$show['usertitlecol']"><div class="smallfont">$userinfo[usertitle]</div></if></td></tr></table>

      field11 is text to help determine what image is used for the member.
      field9 is just what I use for people's custom status. I did this instead of the built it one so that rank was still visible.

      membericon.gif is shown if field11 is empty. If field11 has say "_kamex" as it's content, then the file membericon_kamex.gif will appear.

      Thanks again, floris!


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        Glad you figured it out. I was quite sure I included $userinfo[] in my post, but maybe I forgot to type it.

        Things work great and it was easy to re-apply I'm sure

        Glad I could help


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