Just wanted to drop off a link to my forums for any comments, etc, really all changes nothing more than style sheets, removed announcements and used that space, and very little template modification - really other than adding something to all the body tags, I edited a total of three or four temlates and thats it.


Just took me three years, to find the look I wanted - the menu tabs on the left do not work on the showthread.html or forumdisplay.html - the the way I brought in news stories had a collision with the tabs js, and same for the way I brought in the quick reply (course you got to be signed in - I think its worth it, but thats up to you - username test / password test will get you in).

Also I have two template sets I am using, really look identical, though the alternate it an IE only, have to put site in trusted sites in your browser. I am sick of not being able to play with the toys that IE has available so I am creating the default basic version and the version I always wanted to at the same time.

Still got lots to do - like fill out the menus with my content, but all in all I think it looks good. Well I got to stop patting myself on the back, my arm is getting tired