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Nominate your favorite board for vB BotM - November

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    Originally posted by Mist
    I'll second this one too I love the style apart from the navigation buttons
    I 3rd that

    (**if someone has 3rd-ed it allready, i'll 4th it...etc etc)


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      grrr... read.. thread... voting... nominating... backing... DONE


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        Meh. I apologize for starting a controversy. I don't think Kura wants to be the cause of VBotM losing integrity, and neither do I. People have objected, its not fair to Scott, so don't worry about it. Kura was just offering his help, no need to go nuts about it =) Anyways, Steve, would you guys be interested in assisting with the contest with or without Scott? I know its not an official Jelsoft Contest, but it would still be nice to have some staff participation


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          Not to be a downer, but I really don't like the disputes and name-calling that seem to erupt from this contest almost every month.
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            It doesn't help getting motivated to get nominated So yeah - that name calling isn't too cool.


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              Originally posted by Steve Machol
              You stated:

              People have objected. You should honor their decision.
              I've already stated long ago that I will.

              btw, I don't see any namecalling really... o_O

              oh, and I didn't even volunteer, I was appointed as volunteer. I think the people who are trying to shove this on a "kura don't try to take over this thing"-perspective should re-think their words.

              PS. It's been stated by two Jelsofters that this isn't an official vBulletin thing, but it's official enough to have official backing of Jelsoft nonetheless. *points to awards page on *


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                My apologies scott =) welcome back. Great competition this month, but popularity could be a factor =)


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                  Hurray, just in time!

                  Maybe it'd be a good idea to have a partner nonetheless, in case you can't make it yourself on time in the future or so. Will prevent all these discussions and all


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                    hey, i am on the list


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                      ps. Scott, the name of site 4's board is "the Couch", not "TheCouch"


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                        See Scott came through in the end Good luck to all the nominees next month !
                        Dean Clatworthy - Web Developer/Designer


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                          Originally posted by KuraFire
                          Oh god, you're right. There will be DEATH AND DESTRUCTION when someone else grabs 5 notes at random...
                          Heh, this is like a battle of grey-hairs at a church bazaar gone horribly, horribly awry.

                          Let's wait for Scott.

                          <EDIT: I see I should have read further into the replies..<cough>>


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                            Originally posted by s.molinari
                            Hi Everyone! Sorry I'm late.
                            Heh, I'd have thought you'd purposely wait until November 1, just for fun.


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                              it's funny ^_^


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                                Originally posted by Arkham
                                Aieee! A scrolling marquee! Noooo!

                                I'd second Sitepointforums, but that'd be redundant.

                                I'll third it, then.
                                I personally don't like scrolling marquees either. But, I've heard that they are "concidered" very hip in the arab community. So, when you take that into concideration, the design in my opinion is unique and nice and has it's own character.

                                However; at this point, I'm not totally crazy about any of the forums suggested so far. I'm looking for that 'one of a kind' eye catching, WOW looking, out of this world design!

                                Who knows, maybe we'll all get lucky and someone would actually make an original design! But, untill that time, I'll be dreaming about it.

                                EDIT: I do like all designs and sites submited. Don't get me wrong. But, to me, they don't look much different from other WOW looking forum designs. So they do look very nice, all of them. But, not different from the WOW ones that we've all seen. I'm looking for a NEW wow one! An ORIGINAL wow one! Even my own designs I know are not ORIGINAL wow. They are I've already seen like'em kinda wow!
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                                :cool: That which is obvious, needs no introduction. :cool:


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